Jealousy Incarnate Ep 7 Recap: Hwa Shin Gives His Blessing to Jung Won; Would Na Ri Agree to Date Him?

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jealousy incarnate episode recap

The latest Jealousy Incarnate Ep 7 finally shows that Pyo Na Ri has gotten her job back. She is even doing a live broadcast of the weather from the rooftop of the station to demonstrate the strength of the wind outside. The only downside is, she has to be at the station by 3am.

Her relationship with Jung Won is going well, too. They are not officially together, but they have become closer and more comfortable with each other, especially after Na Ri shared with him a video she had shot of Hwa Shin.

Hwa Shin, on the other hand, is ignoring Na Ri because he saw her showing a video to his friend Jung Won. He had warned her at the hospital that the video she took of him trying on the bra would end both of them. Rather than confronting Na Ri, Hwa Shin chose not to acknowledge she exists, to the point of blatant disregard for her attempts to communicate.

Meanwhile, Ppal Gang is slipping as she chooses to go down the wrong path. She?s seen partying in a club with self-proclaimed bodyguards Pyo Chi-Yeol and Oh Dae Goo, and even causing trouble on the dance floor. ?On the other hand, her two moms are still fighting over who she should stay with since Joong Shin has died.

Ja Young and Sung Sook both went after Chef Kim Rak for not telling them that he knew who Ppal Gang was, and is?in fact living above the restaurant that he owns. Chef Rak for his part is keeping another secret about Joong Shin?s final wish that Ppal Gang should go to her adoptive mom. The two desperate mothers are showering Ppal Gang with gifts and food outside her apartment door, but she is adamant in disinheriting her family and chooses to stay in the close-knit neighborhood where Na Ri also lives.

jealousy incarnate episode recap

In Jealousy Incarnate Ep 7, Chef Rak is not sure if he should tell them about Joong Shin’s final wish.

On the breast cancer front, Na Ri?s doctor informs her that Hwa Shin has not gone to have a single radiation treatment since leaving the hospital for his operation. The doctor had insisted on him doing this because he might go into remission. He is not out of cancer harm?s way yet because even if the doctor was able to take the cancer out, there was still the possibility that it might come back. Na Ri was tasked to make sure that Hwa Shin goes to the breast clinic asap to receive treatment.

Blessing given

Jealousy Incarnate Ep 7 also shows Na Ri trying to convince Hwa Shin to go to the clinic with her the next time she comes in for a check up. While this is happening, they are also fighting over her mobile phone where she recorded the blackmail-worthy video of Hwa Shin trying on her bra. He thought she had shown the video to Jong Won while at the funeral, and he is desperate to delete it from Na Ri?s phone. ?When Jong Won caught up with him afterwards, Hwa Shin discovered that Na Ri had shown him another video that she recorded of him while they were filming in Bangkok. Na Ri had kept his secret after all.

jealousy incarnate episode recap

Na Ri kept Hwa Shin’s secret after all.

When the air between Na Ri and Hwa Shin had cleared, Jung Won had insisted the three of them have dinner together. Seeing how his friend and Na Ri seem to be comfortable with each other, he gives his blessing for them to date each other.

Would Hwa Shin regret not going after Na Ri instead? Is Ppal Gang ever going to forgive her two moms?

jealousy incarnate episode recap

Ppal Gang still simmering with anger for her two mothers.

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