Jealousy Incarnate Ep 23 Recap: Hwa Shin Faces the Aftermath of His Breast Cancer Broadcast

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In the latest episode of Jealousy Incarnate, Lee Hwa Shin left the nation in shock as he announced on live TV that he has breast cancer. As soon as he finished the night?s broadcast, he drove off somewhere and was not seen for a week. He didn?t even leave word with?Pyo Na Ri about where he?s gone.

When he came back, he had made up his mind that he would break up with Na Ri. Since finding out that he won?t be able to have children anymore, he has been having an internal struggle about whether or not he could make Na Ri happy. In the end he decided to put an end to their relationship, but not before several unsuccessful attempts. Instead of saying ?Let?s break up,? he keeps telling her ?Let?s not break up.?

Na Ri, on the other hand, wanted to know where he went off to for a week. He wouldn?t reveal his whereabouts. Turns out he spent it living in his car while visiting and cleaning his dead brother?s grave everyday. This is where Jung Won found him one day. He came to the realization that he still valued his friendship with Hwa Shin, and he is ready to let Na Ri go.

Substitute anchors

Meanwhile, Kye Sung Sook?s co-anchor for the 9 o?clock evening news needs to go on a week-long leave for a family emergency. The president of the network wanted to milk the opportunity of Hwa Shin?s breast cancer confession, and asked Mr. Oh to put Hwa Shin and Na Ri temporarily on the evening news. By this time, Hwa Shin has successfully broken up with a skeptical Na Ri. During broadcasts, Hwa Shin would purposely cut Na Ri off and express his opinions against big corporations, that the network started losing advertisers. It?s still unknown if Hwa Shin will get fired over this.

When Hwa Shin told Na Ri that he wants to break up with her, she became relentless in letting him feel that his impotence is no reason for them to end things. One evening she was able to convince him to have dinner in her house and it wasn?t long before she was also able to convince him that they shouldn?t be breaking up.

Don?t miss the final episode of Jealousy Incarnate tomorrow on SBS and The Bitbag.

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