?Jealousy Incarnate? Ep 10 Recap: Will Na Ri Tear Jung Won and Hwa Shin Apart?

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jealousy incarnate ep 10 recap

In the latest Jealousy Incarnate Ep recap, Hwa Shin walks away from the painful scene before him of Jung Won and Na Ri being together at last. He walks in the rain endlessly, and probably ended up drinking. The next time he?s seen, he?s asking every lady he meets at the SBS station if they want to date him. Even when he runs into Sung Sook, his sister-in-law, she was also asked if she wanted to date him.

Lastly, he went to the station?s dormitory to look for Na Ri. When he finally found her, he asked her to date him and he?ll do anything for her. Na Ri, who thought he was acting so strange because he was obviously drunk, asked him to do ridiculous things in front of her. He danced, he sang and he rapped at her request.


Hwa Shin rapping for Na Ri

Jung Won, on the other hand, went to Announcer Soo Jung?s house to tell her that he cannot marry her. He came clean that he wanted to date Pyo Na Ri. Soo Jung is incredulous that a weather forecaster had beaten her, but she promised Jung Won that she would tell her parents that they are no longer getting married.

Unfortunately, Jung Won?s mom, Tae Ra, told him that his father has a condition for her. If she would manage to marry off Jung Won to Soo Jung, his father will no longer push through with the divorce. Jung Won won?t relent though, and it?s highly likely that his mom only invented this deal with his father.

Truth revealed

Meanwhile, Sung Sook and Ja Young are still trying to win Ppal Gang?s affections. But Ppal Gang is being a brat that her drama is getting tiresome to watch. Hwa Shin, on the other hand, rented an apartment near Ppal Gang?s house in order to be near her. On the night that he went to visit his new apartment, he brought along Hye Won with him. She?s the only one who knows that he likes Na Ri and as she?s psychoanalyzing him outside his new flat, the scene showed that Na Ri?s apartment is close to his.

jealousy incarnate ep 10 recap

Jung Won hears Hwa Shin confess he likes Na Ri

Coming back from dinner and dropping off Na Ri at her apartment, Jung Won noticed that Hwa Shin?s car is parked in the compound. After Na Ri went up to go home, Jung Won decided to check what Hwa Shin was up to. But at the moment when he was about to announce his presence, he heard Hye Won and Hwa Shin talking about Na Ri and the fact that he likes her now. Hye Won is pushing him to take Na Ri back even if she?s dating his friend. After all, Na Ri has had a crush on him for three years that it would be easy to get her back. Jung Won looked pensive on the conversation he happened upon and we wonder what he?s going to do about it.

Will Na Ri get in the middle of Hwa Shin and Jung Won?s friendship? Find out in the next Jealousy Incarnate Ep recap here in TheBitbag.


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