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Jarvis: Mark Zuckerberg’s Morgan Freeman Voiced AI

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Mark Zuckerberg introduced his new artificial intelligence ?Jarvis? this week. The founder and CEO of Facebook shared his post in which he was seeing operating Jarvis, an AI for his home.

The thing that makes this artificial intelligence so creative is the voice of Hollywood celebrity, Morgan Freeman. The voice assistant ?Jarvis? is named after the same kind of device as shown in the ?Iron Man? movie.

Features of Mark?s Personal Artificial Intelligence

On Monday, Mark has shared a post through his official facebook account in which he was seen operating Jarvis at his home. He was seen switching lights on and off and even taking help of Jarvis to make breakfast.

Jarvis is the blend of every latest technology including natural language, face recognition, speech recognition and so on. Jarvis can even play music, but when Mark asked to play songs of Canadian Band Nickleback, to which the AI replied that there are no such songs. The video also featured Mark?s wife Pricilla, their toddler and their pet dog.

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Jarvis ? A Personal Challenge for Mark

In the post, Zuckerberg even expressed that having a personal artificial intelligence is a challenge that he has set for himself. With Jarvis, he overtook the challenge that he set in January 2016. He said that developing Jarvis is the result that humanity is both closer and farther off from an AI breakthrough. He said that he had spent more than 1,000 hours on building this AI.

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This is just a new era for personal home assistance for the people, Mark said. He is even planning to launch digital home assistance by teaming up with Google Inc and It is even speculated that the digital home assistants will be available for holiday sales along with other popular gadgets such as drones and virtual reality headsets.

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