Why Did Jaqen H?Ghar Let Arya Stark Leave the House of Black and White?

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At the end of ?Blood of My Blood? episode, we saw the Waif come up to Jaqen H?ghar and ask for permission to hunt down Arya Stark and kill her. Jaqen, who was busy taking the face off of an unknown body, looked up and told the Waif, ?Don?t let her suffer.?

Here?s a clip of that scene to refresh your memory:


So why did Jaqen let Arya Stark leave the House of Black and White that easily at the end of ?No One?? If he wanted Arya dead, why didn?t he just kill her right there and then? Surely, a man of Jaqen?s skill and magic can end the life of a girl like Arya without breaking a sweat. So why didn?t he?


In his interview with Access Hollywood, Tom Wlaschiha, who portrays Jaqen, says that his character didn?t exactly take Arya Stark (Maisie Williams) under his wing to turn her into a Faceless Man. Jaqen took her in because he knew that someday Arya would go back to Westeros, where she can put all the things that she learned from the Faceless Men to use.

?In my opinion, it was clear from the beginning. I mean, that’s the reason he trained her. He didn’t train her to become a Faceless Man and stay in the House of Black and White in Braavos forever. I think that Faceless Men, they certainly have an interest [in] what’s going on in Westeros, otherwise why would he [have] just shown up out of the blue in Season 2 and picked Arya and offered to train her? So there must be some sort of interest and I think, yeah, what’s the point of training her if she can’t put that training to use??

Right from the very beginning, Jaqen recognized Arya?s cunning abilities. To be able to disguise herself as a boy and fool the people around her spoke volumes about Arya?s talents. For Jaqen, Arya Stark was the perfect candidate to receive the training because she had it in her to be a Faceless Man.

?When he first met her, he immediately recognized the potential in her. She posed as a boy and everybody but him believed it and so already when she was a little girl, he could see that she had quite some talent to do these things or to become a different person, and when she left Westeros, she was still a little girl and now, over the course of her training, she’s grown up and now she goes back to Westeros and she’s a totally different, yeah, she’s a totally different person. She’s an adult.?

In a way, Tom adds, Jaqen was proud of his student, who triumphed over the Waif. Hence, the slight smile on his face when Arya Stark told him, ?A girl is Arya Stark of Winterfell and I am going home.?

?Actually, I think that Jaqen?I mean, he’s taken on this job of training Arya for three seasons and I think he was pleased to see her come out of this unharmed and to see her ready to go back to like?because the last task was really a difficult one and it wasn’t easy for her.?

But what about the Waif, who appeared to be jealous of Arya? What if the Waif was successful in killing the young Stark girl? What would Jaqen have felt about Arya Stark?s death?

?The Waif… Yeah, the whole story, it kind of came across as she was somehow jealous of Arya, but you could also look at it from another point of view. She didn’t want anyone in the House of Black and White who wouldn’t be ready or wouldn?t be fit to be a Faceless Man. ? I don’t know if she had to be that mean to her, but ultimately, I mean, trying to kill her? when Jaqen told the Waif, ‘Go ahead and kill her, but don’t let her suffer,’ I think the Faceless Men, in their philosophy, they’re kind of evolved [beyond] all those human things. As I said, death is a part of life, so if Arya had died, Jaqen would have probably regretted it or would have been sorry, but that would have only meant that she wasn’t the person that he’d been looking for. So he probably put Arya to that ultimate test to see the outcome, that’s why in the end, when he realized she’d managed to escape the Waif and kill her, he was also pleased because his student had excelled.?

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