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Japanese Man Sold Complete Collection Of PlayStation One Game Library

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This guy just sold an entire collection that will make any game collector drool. The PlayStation was one of the most popular gaming consoles worldwide, and it all started when a supposed partnership between Sony and Nintendo went sour. Sony decided to go on its own in 1994 and the rest was history. The first PlayStation has conquered the world in an instant, toppling rival consoles such as the Sega Saturn and Nintendo 64.

Now with over 3,000 titles available for the Japanese version, fans have sought out to complete their PlayStation collection, but one man in Japan has the entire collection. A Yahoo! Auction user named wmmft148 has put up an auction for his entire collection of Japanese PlayStation One games, all 3,290 of them that was released only in Japan.

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You can see the image of the entire collection all stack up in a box, he even include some games that are released with a gaming peripheral. Though all are organized in their chronological order of release, it is still interesting to all of the games that were available in Japan are still in good condition. You can find great games from the likes of Final Fantasy VII, Resident Evil (Biohazard in Japan) and some lost favorites like Jumping Flash and Tobal No. 2


wmmft148 is selling the whole PlayStation game collection for just (wait for it?) 3 million yen, yep that?s roughly around twenty-four thousand USD, and the best part of it, the collection was reportedly sold in just five days after the initial post on the auction site. Some guys are really that hardcore to collect every game, but that is the beauty of collecting classic games especially if you enjoyed them when you were young.

I wonder what will wmmft148 would do with that large amount of money. Maybe he?ll start collecting PlayStation 2 games this time.

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