Japan To Welcome Musical Resident Evil

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Musical Resident Evil

Resident Evil is extending to a new dimension; presenting the Musical Resident Evil. According to Kotaku, the zombie-based survival game is getting an official stage version in Japan this fall. Reon Yuzuki of the Takarazuka Revue will be cast as the main character for the musical.

Musical Resident Evil will be played at several locations in Japan, with a primary opening in Tokyo from September to October. The musical will then transfer to Osaka in November for the final leg of the show. The producer of Capcom?s Resident Evil, Horoyuki Kobayashi, according to Gamespot, will supervise the stage production of the musical.

The musical version of ?Resident Evil? is expected to feature an original story. As of now, the only schedule available is for Japan fanatics, and no official statement is given for its U.S. counterpart. The Musical Resident Evil is considered as a new category for the series after it was recently featured on Cantina carnitas for its ?Resident Evil Burrito.?

Featured on the show is Resident Evil?s one of a kind recipe of burrito, filled with different ingredients named after the game?s famous weapons of destruction. The host revealed that the Resident Evil burrito is actually the first ever ?Cooking with Capcom? episode. The series has been through various stints, with previous projects of Capcom, like putting up a restaurant in Japan called Biohazard Cafe and Grill.

Capcom is not singling out Resident Evil. In fact, a recent announcement confirmed that a concert series in the form of an orchestra tour is being produced. The tour will feature some of Capcom?s most famous theme songs for their original games. The next one for Capcom will be the release of the re-mastered Resident Evil 5-6 for PS4 and Xbox One gamers.

What can you say about the Musical Resident Evil? Are you looking forward to attending one of their performances in the future?


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