Japan Anxiously Waiting For Lost Odyssey

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Hironobu Sakaguchi, the creator of the Final Fantasy series and?Blue Dragon, has a new fantasy?coming to?Japan this?Christmas.? Lost Odyssey is Microsoft’s new ace in the land of the rising sun.? Blue Dragon, Sakaguchi’s last 360 RPG, went on to sell 198,000 copies.? All 10,000 of the Blue Dragon bundles sold out when they went on sale.? So who’s to say there’s no market in Japan for Microsoft’s Xbox 360?

Sakaguchi is responsible for the sale of millions of Final Fantasy RPG games.? Japan loves him and it shows.? A lot of Xbox 360 owners think Microsoft should just give up on Japan as they seem to be doing nothing but losing money.? Well if?Microsoft’s investment in Japan isn’t as high as it is in the states, are they really losing money?? They had only 10,000 Blue Dragon bundles and they all sold out.? They only made 10,000.? Microsoft seems to be playing it easy and aren’t too overzealous when it comes to Japan.?

The numbers are puzzling.? According to VGCHARTZ, since both the 360 and PS3 have been released, Sony has sold 1,214,901 PS3 systems while Microsoft has only sold 447,626 Xbox 360 systems.? What’s puzzling…no staggering even, is the total software sales for both systems.? The total PS3 software sales for Japan sits at 2,116,944 units.? The Xbox 360 software sales totals are at 1,642,430 units.? For a system that hasn’t even sold 500,000 units, I’d say the attach rate for software is pretty high.? Now we know that the accuracy of these numbers isn’t exact because software and hardware is getting sold at this very moment.? It is however, close enough to being plausible.

Now that the Elite has been released in Japan and is selling out it’s 10 to 20 units per shop all over Tokyo, one can only wonder…what gives?? Well with the impending pre-order date for Lost Odyssey being October 18th, I’m sure Japanese gamers are just gearing up for the December 6th launch.? What will be interesting to see is how many copies of Lost Odyssey wind up in the hands of Japanese gamers.? It will also be interesting to see how many Xbox 360 game systems will be sold by the years end.

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