Jane the Virgin Spoilers, Updates: Declining Ratings Or Just a Title Change; Is This the Last Season?

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Jane the Virgin

In the next Jane the Virgin episode, it looks like Rafael and Michael will finally start to bond and put their differences in the past aside. When Michael let on that he?s trying to get back in shape for his return to the police force after his recovery, Rafael volunteered to help him out at the Marbella gym. Rafael, who is serious about his gym routine, finds out that Michael is quite the talker. In between intense lifts, Rafael keeps getting interrupted by Michael?s mindless chatter.

?You like baseball? Game of Thrones?? Michael asks Rafael. The promo ends with an awkward high five, which defined the difference between Michael and the hunky Rafael. It?s almost too painful to see Michael look like a loser beside his suave former rival. Kudos to both of them, though, for really trying to get along for the sake of Jane.

Jane the Virgin no more

Speaking of Jane, who?s no longer a virgin, there are reports that say the writers are planning to scrape off ?The Virgin? from the title. Rightly so, as that cherry?s been popped in Episode 3. According to reports, the writers want to add in some new name in the call card depending on what?s happening on the respective episode. The idea of which was already teased in episode 4 when opening credits erased ?The Virgin.?

During the last episode, Jane and Michael got into their first fight as husband and wife. Alas, gone are the butterflies and fantasies, it?s time to face the music. Especially when they discover that they haven?t been paying the rent fully. That?s because it turns out that Petra has been paying half of their rent all this time, but unfortunately she?s still ?petrafied? and her sister Anezka has taken over her persona.

Sadly, according to TV by the Numbers, ratings for the last episode went down and was categorized as average viewership. Let?s hope the ratings pick up again next week, or this might just be its last season.

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