Jane The Virgin Season 3 Spoilers: Jane Is About To Lose Her Virginity To Which Lucky Guy?

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Jane The Virgin Season 3

Virgin no more? After two seasons of keeping true to her promise to her grandmother, Jane is presumed to be losing her much talked about virginity in the upcoming Jane The Virgin Season 3. This, after she married her longtime boyfriend, Michael. Fans are expecting that Jane will finally give it all to her husband.

According to an article of Movie News Guide, Jennie Snyder Urman, the executive producer of Jane The Virgin, revealed to the fans at the ATX TV Festival in Texas that the most anticipated turnaround of event in Jane?s life will be happening in the third installment of the series. Yes folks, no more delays and tease. Jane is about to be virgin no more.

?Yes, yes, yes ? it?s happening! She?ll lose her virginity this year for sure,? Urman said as mentioned in ET Online.

Although it is happening in the upcoming return of the show, it might not be immediately during the first episodes of the series. This is because Michael remains to be in critical condition after being shot during the previous season. But good news is that, the sex won?t also be happening during the finale of Season 3.

According to her, the team does not want to push too much pressure on the sex scene of Jane and Michael. It appears that the executive producer wants to make the story just go with the flow. This is despite the pressure that she feels for the first sex of Jane.

Urman revealed that they have been drowning in a lot of ideas about the scene, however, no final decision has been made so far. She even said that the team, including her, is just one of the fans who are very excited for the first sexual encounter of Jane.

Should Jane lose her virginity, will this be the end of the series? Or will they just remove the word ?virgin? on the title of the show?

Meanwhile, there are some speculations that Michael might die due to the gunshot wound he incurred during the finale of Season 2. So how will Jane lose her virginity if that?s the case? Well, rumors would like to believe that it will be Rafael, the father of Jane?s child, who will be the one to do it.

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