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Jane The Virgin Season 3: Jane?s not a Virgin Anymore; Who did She Lose her Virginity to?

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Two speculations are always associated with ?Jane the Virgin? since it started. One, when is Jane going to lose her virginity and second, is to whom? ?As discussed earlier, the show runner Urman has announced on Sunday that Jane?s sure to lose her virginity this season. But the announcement has made the speculation even deeper with the question to whom?

For Jane watchers, the most anticipated moment has arrived as Jane has finally lost her Virginity. The last episode is all about Jane and Michael?s relationship and their physical intimacy. Let?s discover the entire story to know how they made it.

Jane?s V moment has arrived

The scene started when Jane and Michael found a cozy moment in the bedroom. They expressed their romantic feelings by looking lovingly into each other?s eyes. Michael whispered, ?I want it to be good for you.? To which Jane has exclaimed, ?It?s gonna be perfect because it?s you.?

The makers of the show choose not to show the actual content and cut the most anticipated sex scene into an animated one in order to retain the fantasy. The sex scene was perfect for the audience. But for Jane, it wasn?t so perfect as she just faked her orgasm.

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Is Losing Virginity similar to a wilting Flower?

The rest of the episode explores Jane?s confusion and guilt after having sex. After the intimacy, Jane found out that she and Michael are not as compatible in bed as she would like. But the most surprising story for the fans has yet to arrive as Jane?s issues affect Michael. He also suggests that Jane should not talk about their problem openly as they should work it out privately.

Later, Michael found out that she has disclosed everything to her BFF Lina. He understands the girly stuff that she?s suffering from the after effects of having a sex. Michael clarifies all Jane?s confusion about losing her virginity and faking orgasms and the two have life-changing sex afterwards.

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Now Jane knows that sex and pleasure cannot be exchanged with your partner. Like millions of men and women, Jane figured out the difference between the two.

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