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Jane The Virgin Season 3: Jane is Pregnant! Is She Thinking of Abortion?

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The makers of the show had cracked all the speculations about Jane?s sex in this season. Jane?s V moment is a hush-hush affair and really an unexpected for the audience. ?The show runners want to take the excitement to the next level for the audience as Jane is pregnant now.

Although the audience has quite enjoyed Jane?s and Michael?s intimacy, it?s not so cool for Jane and her mother. Let?s discover why?

Jane is Pregnant!

After losing the virginity to Michael Jane?s expecting her first child. Jane?s quite happy to give birth to a life on the TV show, but her mother does not feel it good for her daughter.

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Jane?s mother, Xiomara had a bad experience about her past and that?s why she?s advising her to abort the child. ?She wants her to live a good and healthy life, as she doesn?t want her to suffer the same as she had suffered in her past.


Why does Xiomara want her to Abort the Child?

Xiomara?s life circumstances are nearly same to Jane?s right now. She was in love with someone besides the baby?s father. She was on a different life track, with a view to avoid children. But she got pregnant unexpectedly.

Frustrating Xiomara wanted to hide the pregnancy news from her mother, but unfortunately her parents came to know about the shocking news and forced her to abort the child. It seems like Jane?s mother wanted to repeat the history.

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The writers wanted to do something different in this season and they crafted the storyline very well. ?Isn?t it? Besides, the writers are taken a keen interest to normalize the abortion in national terms. Every daughter has to discuss it with her family in a dynamic way, instead of hiding it.

Stay tuned to TheBitBag to know, if Jane will abort her child or she will bring a new character on the Show?

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