Jane The Virgin Recap and Spoilers: Michael and Rafael Bond at the Gym; Petra’s True Identity Revealed

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Jane The Virgin Recap
Jane The Virgin Recap

The Jane The Virgin recap for season 3 episode 4 shows we’re finally getting somewhere! Jane (Gina Rodriguez) now knows that Petra (Yael Grobglas) isn’t the real Petra. Meanwhile, some bromance between Michael and Rafael is definitely on.

In the past episode, viewers got to meet Anezka, Petra’s twin sister. Then we found out that Anezka is their mom’s right hand who happens to be in prison. Schemy Anezka replaced her twin by inducing a mini-stroke that left her unable to move or speak, per TV Line.

Of course, some things will not go unnoticed. Soon people realize something’s just not right, including Rafael (Justin Baldoni). Her strange behaviors will eventually give her away. Rafael asked Jane to help him figure out what’s really going on.

The episode also shows Jane and Michael arguing over the budget. Xiomara (Andrea Navado), on the other hand, got another job at a bank. But she resigned and tried to hide it from Alba (Ivone Coll). Anezka’s mom wanted her to find money so they could get a big shot attorney. But in order to get large sums of money, Rafael will need some convincing to turn over her share.

Anezka tried to blackmail Rafael. When she stepped out of his office, she shouted upon seeing Jane. When she did this, Jane recalled some events that made her believe that Petra isn’t really who she claims she is.

The Reason for Being a Health Buff

Michael and Rafael’s story is taking a turn for the better. There was a short time of panic when they thought they already lost Mateo but that incident brought them together. It turns out Rafael is so conscious about his body because he had cancer and tells this to Michael. “I’m a dick,” Michael apologizes. It’s a heart-tugging little moment right there.

Meanwhile, Michael realizes that the message Rafael’s mom left in the Bible was really a code for a bank account. Stay tuned! For more of Jane The Virgin recap, spoilers and latest updates, keep it here on TheBitBag. Hit us with your feedback in the comments below.

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