Jane the Virgin Season 3: Gloria Estefan to Prove She is Rogelio?s Best Friend

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Guess who?s coming to Jane the Virgin Season 3? None other than Rhythm is Gonna Get You singer Gloria Estefan.

In an Instagram post, Eva Longoria shared a photo of herself with some of the show?s female cast. Longoria, who is directing several episodes of the series, captioned her photo, ?These are some of my favorite women! #JaneTheVirgin #Directing.?

Looks like Rogelio really is best friends with Gloria Estefan! For the past seasons, soap opera star Rogelio (Jaime Camil) has claimed bragging rights and has always name dropped Gloria Estefan as his best friend. With the teaser Instagram post, it looks like Gloria is going to get the cast on their feet for a fun episode.

In an interview with E! News, Gloria said she?s happy to actually be a part of one of her favorite shows on TV. ?It feels like family. On the show Rogelio has always been saying that I?m one of his best friends. Funny, because Emilio and I consider Jaime one of our best friends too! FUN!?

Gina Rodriguez and Camil also created a hilarious Dubsmash in honor of the Cuban pop star. The post shows Gina and Jaime dancing to the tune of ?Rhythm is Gonna Get You,? on Instagram.


Season 2 left off with Michael (Brett Dier) in critical condition after being shot while exchanging vows with Jane on their wedding day. It also revealed that Rafael (Justin Baldoni) still harbors feelings for Jane but chose not to tell her before she tied the knot with Michael.

Xiomara is preggers

In the meantime, Xiomara has an affair with Rogelio?s archenemy Esteban Santiago. ?At the wedding though, she and Rogelio confess that they still love each other but they can?t compromise regarding having another child. Rogelio, having missed out on Jane, wants to experience having another baby. Xiomara, on the other hand, doesn?t want any kids anymore. This is unfortunate, because she tested positive for pregnancy.

Also coming next season is Miles Gaston Villanueva from the soap opera The Young and the Restless. He will be playing the role of Sam, Jane?s old crush, and it looks like Michael and Rafael will have another rival for Jane?s affection.

Jane the Virgin Season 3 premieres on October 17 on CW.


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