JamUp Pro XT: A Must-Have App on iPhone/iPad for Pro and Amateur Guitarists

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JamUp Pro XT Guitar Effect iOS App

JamUp Pro XT (Photo Credit: PositiveGrid Official Facebook Page)

There?s an App for that. This line has always been popular online and has been a big part of Apple?s marketing campaign for iDevices.? They even trademarked the phrase.

If you are a musician, particularly a guitarist takes it seriously or just playing music for fun, there certainly is an app for it. Meet PositiveGrid?s JamUp Pro XT. It is only available for IOS devices because the Android platform suffers unacceptable latency for applications that involve audio and touch screen responsiveness.

JamUp Pro XT is a Professional Guitar Amp/Effects Sim (This is a clich??d term for marketing but JamUp Pro is an exception. It DOES sound professional. Check the YouTube videos below to see and hear it for yourself).? It has killer tones for hardcore methods, but it also offers variety of amps and effects suitable for any genre of music that certain guitarists prefer.

There was Amplitube and other big-name guitar apps before JamUp but what sets it apart from these pocket amp sims is that it is more than just a practice tool. It is everything a guitarist on the go could ever want. Anybody who knows what tone they want with JamUp Pro would be able to play along and record any song they want to without having to bring bulky gears with them. It is ideal for out-of-town trips where the inspiration to write riffs and chops for your song comes in unexpectedly.

The emulation of the amps ranging from Fender, Marshall, Laney and Mesa Boogie are stellar. It also has most of the features of high-budget multi-effects rack units such as Line 6?s POD HD series and Zoom?s G series. Cabinet simulation, reverb, delay, and distortion stompboxes. It has everything and the good thing is that the effects signal chain order is customizable as well. This means that you can create your own tone just like how you would do it on real-world amps and stompboxes.

What makes this an even better solution from a normal multi-effects rack is that it has its own 8-track recorder which is a stunner. You would be able to record an entire song with it with no other things required (except the guitar that is). You can download drum tracks somewhere else or simply sequence your own drum track on your preferred DAW like Cubase, Logic, Reaper, FL Studio etc. ?You can, then, transfer the tracks on your iDevice and then play them back on JamUp and Voila; you just recorded your own arrangement.

JamUp is also a good option for ?Live Performance? use as it supports dozens of third party controllers that would let you switch effects in real time. For the price tag of $9.99, it sure is a bang for the buck for iOS device owners. Add-on amps and stompboxes usually goes from $1.99 up to $9.99 but this is steal price given that the quality of the tones you can produce are on par with industry leading amp and multi-effects producers like Line 6, BOSS etc. Mind you that the price tags for their products are quite steep as well most of the time (around $400 up to whopping $1000 or more)

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