James Bond News & Update: Who?s Finally Taking The Role Of The Secret Agent James Bond?

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James Bond

The former James Bond, Roger Moore, has given the soon-to-be Bond, Aidan Turner, his blessing to replace Daniel Craig. In fact, Moore told the Daily Star Sunday newspaper that Aidan would make a very good Bond.

However, the actor who was Bond himself seven times wouldn?t be the first veteran actor to give Turner his?blessing. Poldark series actor Robin Ellis also stated that Turner is quite capable of taking the role of Bond.

According to Ellis, the 33-year-old actor has been doing an excellent job as Poldark. He also added that he has the looks and brooding presence. Turner has been rumored to be the next 007 agent since early this year.

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James Bond

However, Turner has consistently dismissed these rumors. In fact, Nick Grimshaw of BBC Radio 1 even aired his frustration due to people asking him about Turner taking the role of Bond ?every day.

According to Grimshaw, it?s just rumors and there?s nothing in it, there?s still someone else playing the role and it?s not Turner. That being said, he doesn?t like to talk about it. On the other hand, Crag didn?t actually stand down as James Bond, at least for now.

Daniel Craig Done Being James Bond?

Back in 2015, Craig stated that he would rather slash his wrists than play Bond again. Luckily, there have been a lot of names spilled for the next Bond movie. According to Forbes, actors such as Scott Mendelson, Idris Elba, Michael Fassbender, Hugh Jackman, and Ryan Gosling are all qualified to play the part.

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However, these names are still in talks. Until the whole production decides, nobody knows who?ll play the leading role. Furthermore, the whole production family vocally admitted that Craig is still their very first choice.

Craig did all three installments of the James Bond story which are Spectre, Quantum of Solace, and Casino Royale. However, it?s clear as day that there will be no shortage of actors who can play Bond.

Aside from the names specified above, Tom Hardy, Jack Huston, Tom Hiddleston, and James Norton could also play the role. There?s a huge pool of actors that has both the looks and aura which is required to play the role of James Bond.

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