James Bond Comes To Xbox Live Video Marketplace In HD

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Microsoft just announced a HUGE lineup for the Xbox Live Video Marketplace. One of the shockers was the inclusion of the James Bond films in HD. As you know, these MGM films are owned by parent company Sony. It’s quite interesting that they are allowing these titles to appear on Xbox Live Marketplace knowing that video downloads for PSN are around the corner. Here’s the release with the full list of new shows and movies.

Did you know that Xbox LIVE is the home to the largest library of on
demand high definition entertainment content? Our library of
blockbuster entertainment continues to grow and today Xbox 360 owners
will see the kick-off of a strong month of content coming from new
partners like ABC, Disney Channel and MGM.

“LOST” fans looking to catch up on past episodes and find more hidden
clues need look no further than Xbox 360. U. S. Xbox LIVE members will
be able to start downloading TV shows from ABC Television, including
“LOST,” “Ugly Betty,” “Desperate Housewives” and “Grey’s Anatomy” this
coming month. All episodes will be available in high definition.

The launch of “LOST” coincides with the show’s season premiere today,
with new episodes arriving on Xbox LIVE within 24 hours of airing on TV.
Shows and TV movies from Disney Channel will be launching later this
month as well, including “Hannah Montana,” “High School Musical,” “High
School Musical 2” and “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody,” adding to the
more than 700 episodes of kid-friendly content already available on the

This month will also mark the launch of new releases and classic library
titles from MGM available for download beginning the week of February
18. Additional movies from studios such as Lionsgate, Warner Bros,
Paramount and New Line will also be added to the service, including the
video game documentary “King of Kong: Fistful of Quarters” about two
gamers who battle for the world record score in Donkey Kong. Many films
will be available in high definition.

Movies hitting Xbox LIVE this month include:

* Mr. Brooks (MGM, available in SD and HD)

* The complete Rocky series (MGM, available in SD and HD)

* Films from the James Bond series (MGM, available in SD and

* The Usual Suspects (MGM, available in SD and HD)

* 3:10 to Yuma (Lionsgate, available in SD and HD)

* Saw IV (Lionsgate, available in SD and HD)

* King of Kong (New Line, available in SD)

* The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert
Crawford (WB, available in SD and HD)

* Michael Clayton (WB, available in SD and HD)

* Stardust (Paramount, available in SD and HD)

The diverse list of new content means there are even more incredible
entertainment choices on Xbox LIVE for everyone in the family. In fact,
more than a 1/3 of all Xbox LIVE members in the U.S. have downloaded
content from the Video Store. Check out the Top-10 life-to-date download
lists for TV shows and movies to see what other Xbox LIVE members are

Top 10 Movies:

Top 10 TV series/shows

1.) 300

1.) South Park

2.) Beerfest

2.)Family Guy

3.) Crank

3.) Comedy Central Presents: Stand-Up

4.) Superman Returns

4.) Robot Chicken

5.) Employee of the Month

5.) Criss Angel Mindfreak

6.) Ocean’s Thirteen

6.) Aqua Teen Hunger Force

7.) Transformers

7.) UFC Fights

8.) The Departed

8.) Rob and Big

9.) Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End

9.) Star Trek: Enterprise

10.) Jackass Number Two

10.) Chappelle’s Show: Uncensored

Xbox LIVE offers more than 3,600 hours of entertainment content from
more than 35 networks and studios, and with more than 650 hours of high
definition content, the console’s on-demand HD library is more than
twice the size of the nearest cable provider. More information about
content being offered on Xbox LIVE Marketplace is available at
stv%2f%3fWT.svl%3dnav> .

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