Jaden Smith Suicide: Will Smith’s Son Snubs Persistent Death Rumors, Focuses On New Project

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Jaden Smith suicide rumors that have been continuously coming out were snubbed by the teen during a recent interview. Instead, the son of Hollywood stars Jada and Will Smith talked about how he is focusing his attention on a new project.

Death hoax

Jaden Smith death reports began weeks ago when a malicious video began circulating the internet. It claimed to contain footage of the 18-year-old saying goodbye to his famous family before killing himself in front of the camera.

A lot of people got curious and clicked on the post when it was shared on social media. It even had the tag ?CNN News Update,? so many thought that the report was legit. However, those who opened the story just ended up receiving spam notifications for random Facebook Apps.

Suicidal tendencies?

Numerous reports have been published to squash the issue and warn people about the spammy link. However, many websites have still been reporting about Jaden Smith suicide rumors. According to them, he has really developed suicidal tendencies due to personal matters.

Several reports have even gone as far as to claim that Jaden is depressed because he is secretly gay. Most of the articles have been speculative, so readers have been highly doubtful and taking them with a grain of salt.

Furthermore, Jaden himself has been out and about amid all the negative reports. He was seen in high spirits when he attended the recent Emmy 2016 after party that was hosted by HBO.


Jaden Smith?s latest project

The young actor-musician also recently announced his latest project, JUST water. The product is ethically sourced spring water that comes in a paper bottle.

In an interview with People, Jaden enthusiastically shared that he has been working on JUST water for almost seven years. The budding entrepreneur proudly detailed how the product?s paper packaging reduces harmful greenhouse gas emissions by up to 80 percent versus traditional plastic water bottles.

Even though he is popular for being the son of Jada and Will Smith, Jaden explained how he wants his product to be known because of his own efforts. “We wanted to organically grow without saying ‘Smith family water,?? he joked.

Do you think that there is any truth to the persistent Jaden Smith suicide rumors? Will the negative reports finally stop now that he has been more visible with his ongoing projects? Let us know by commenting below and make sure to keep following TheBitBag for updates.

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