Jaden Smith Suicide Rumors: Jaden Okay With Internet Hoax, Has It Actually Made Him More Popular?

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Jaden Smith Suicide Rumors

Jaden Smith is certainly one of the up and coming celebrities in Hollywood. He has been appearing in the spotlight of show business since he was a child. Being the son of Hollywood megastar Will Smith certainly helped make that happen. Still, it appears that the younger Smith has reached new levels in his career as he recently had to endure Jaden Smith suicide rumors that spread on the internet.

Seeing reports on the internet that you committed suicide is certainly something that no person would want. However, for Jaden, it may signal that he has reached a whole new level of stardom.

According to Hollywood Life, sources close to the young actor revealed that Jaden is actually okay with the death hoax. While some actors may publicly decry the act, Jaden seems to be taking it in stride. The same report cites that to Jaden, it shows that his fans care about him.

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To see just how much he is not bothered by it, Jaden even considers it as ?a badge of honor? according to the source. Surely, nobody would want to spread a suicide rumor if you are not popular. It can indeed be a sign that a celebrity has made it to the ?big leagues? if there is already a death hoax on him or her.

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If the Jaden Smith suicide rumors was started to hurt the young actor, it appears that the plan completely backfired. Jaden Smith is not only okay with it, it may have even contributed to him becoming even more popular.

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Thanks to the Jaden Smith suicide rumors, his name has been surfacing on the internet and social media for the past several months. And as the saying goes, there is no such thing as bad publicity.

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While Jaden may be shrugging off the death hoax, it is certainly going to be interesting to see if there are other ugly rumors that will be spread in the future. Be sure to check back here soon to find out more news and updates on Jaden Smith as well as on other trending stories in the world of Hollywood.

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