Jaden Smith, Girlfriend Split: Sarah Snyder Still Cheating?

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Jaden Smith

Recently, there have been rumors regarding Sarah Snyder cheating on her boyfriend Jaden Smith. As rumors suggest, the couple might actually be heading to splitsville very soon. A photo surfaced on the Internet that features Sarah with another dude in bed.

To add more insult to injury, rumors suggest that Sarah had been hanging out with him for quite some time now. The man named Gunner Stahl is the one in the photo who appears to be Sarah?s other man.

Jaden Smith Flirted With Chloe Ferry All Night

On the other hand, it turns out Jaden is taking his revenge by flirting with other girls as well. Jaden was spotted being immensely chummy with Chloe Ferry during the MTV EMAs. According to reports, the teen actor really had an intimate conversation with Ferry.

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Apparently, Jaden approached Ferry immediately after seeing her in an almost see-through gown. However, Jaden thought she was his Kendall Jenner due to her extreme sexiness and blonde locks.

Jaden Smith

Jaden Smith Wants Kendall Jenner Back?

With the intention of catching up with his former love, Will Smith?s son instead spent most of the night talking to Ferry. However, Jaden left with another girl despite flirting a lot with Ferry.

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Furthermore, rumors suggest that Jaden is no longer in a relationship with Sarah despite their PDAs during the Suicide Squad?s premiere. In this case, is Sarah still seeing the man who was seen with her in bed?

Sarah Snyder Arrested

As can be seen, Jaden and Sarah?s relationship was plagued with controversies even before the cheating issue. Sarah was arrested back in June 2015 after allegedly stealing a Hermes bag worth $15,995 from a store.

Sarah then had to appear in court multiple times. However, she pleaded her innocence and the charges were eventually dropped back in February. All in all, fans of Jaden Smith appears to be happy with the teen actor?s current life.

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