Jaden Smith Found Dead: Rumors Has Now Spawned A New Controversy; This Time He’s Gay

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Jaden Smith Suicide

Fake news about the death of Jaden Smith have been flooding the internet for nearly two months. Although it is confirmed that American actor and rapper is alive, there is no halt to the rumors. Fresh reports claim that the reason behind the rumor is Jaden?s gender fluidity.

Although Jaden has disproved the rumors of his death though several social media posts, a recently posted image on his Twitter account has fueled the rumors about his suicidal tendencies.

The After Earth actor recently posted an image of a dry rose surrounded by dead petals on a white floor. According to FX News Call, some of Jaden?s fans consider this as his way to say good bye. However, the site also mentioned that the actor does not take rumors seriously. He takes it positively, as it shows how much his fans care about him.

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It is reported that Jaden is at the verge of social breakdown due to regular comments against his gender fluidity. Jaden has been seen in ladies outfits that caused rumors about his gender confusion. However, Jaden has confirmed that it was about perceptions of people to judge someone by their fashion sense, nothing about his gender identity or sexual orientation, reported Inquisitr.

?I feel like people don?t really get it. I?m not saying that I get it, I?m just saying that I?ve never seen any distinction. I don?t see man clothes and women clothes. I just see scared people and comfortable people,? Jaden said.


Some reports claim that this is merely a publicity stunt. That makes no sense as Will Smith is among the top actors in Hollywood. Moreover, Jaden has gained so many fans through After Earth and This Is The Album.

Meanwhile, Jaden and father were recently spotted in Japan. Reports claim that was to ease rumors about his death and sexual orientation.

This is not the first time the Smith family has been targeted with such allegations. Last month, same kind of rumors rose against Will Smith. It was reported that Will was having an affair with his male friend, Duane Martin. However, there were no evidence supporting the claim.

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