Is Jacob Sartorius Dead? The Sick Death Hoax Netizens Have Come Up With

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Jacob Sartorius Dead

This month, we just got another reminder to not believe everything we read on the Internet: YouTube sensation Jacob Sartorius has been reported dead… again. Remember the recent London bridge attack, when a vehicle mowed down pedestrians? Well, trolls have spread fake news, images and information about it including pretending that people had gone missing in the area when they hadn’t and apparently, the 14-year-old was one of them.

One Twitter user used Sartorius’ photo to pretend his son had gone missing during the incident earlier this month. “My family was on the #LondonBridge. At the time of the attack, we lost our son,” he wrote, accompanying it with a wacky photo of the young singer. “He’s not answering the phone. Pls RT to help us.”

Many fans came forth to point out that Sartorius is from the United States. It turns out the user has been using several popular faces to troll people. We The Unicorns noted he also used Matty B Raps, Devon Sweeney, and Vinny, none of whom were actually caught up in the London terror attacks.

Jacob Sartorius Dead

Is Jacob Sartorius dead? Twitter reported him missing earlier this month.

This isn’t the first time the YouTube artist fell victim to a sick death hoax. Last year, fake photos of him allegedly caught in a fatal car accident spread like wildfire on social media. One of them was a screenshot of a CNN article headlined “Jacob Sartorius Dead.”

Most death hoaxes often target high-profile celebrities like Rowan Atkinson, Sylvester Stallone, Jaden Smith, and Miley Cyrus. However, there have been a few cases as well YouTubers falling victims to this scheme. After the horrendous terrorist attack in Manchester last month, fake images of vloggers were included in reports about missing people like Tom of TheSyndicateProject.

Even the man behind TheReportOfTheWeek had to post a video confirming he is safe and very much alive after it was falsely reported that he was killed during the Manchester bombings.

Death hoaxes are nothing new but they just keep coming for varying reasons we reported before. It could be just for the attention or the clicks, which is why everyone is always urged not to believe everything on the Internet. If you read a suspicious article about someone dying suddenly, always check the facts and confirm it from other big and more credible news websites.

When in doubt, leave it be. Don’t share it.

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