Jackie Chan Death Due To Too Many Bones Breaking? Actor Suffered Too Much After 200 Films

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Jackie Chan is said to be dead due to too many bones breaking. Of course this is just rumors, as he confessed what he has gone through while making movies throughout the years. ?As the legendary martial artist said while he accepted his first Oscar, he had to face a lot of punches and suffer broken bones throughout his career.

The actor is well known for his immense martial arts and intense acting skills which made him earn roles in more than 200 movies. But ultimately, the actor has to compensate his life for contributing his martial arts skills in these movies.

Recently, Jackie Chan, the living legend of the movie world got his first Oscar in Los Angeles. Chan, who was recognized as the most favorite action man by fans, was finally honored with the coveted golden lady.

It was the 8th Annual Governor?s Award where the 62-year-old actor has been awarded by the famous action legend, Sylvester Stallone. The award ceremony was cherished by millions of audience and hundreds of famous celebrities like Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger and many others.

Jackie Chan

Jackie Wins his first Oscar!

Chan has contributed a wide role in the film industry with his immense action movies and charismatic personality. The actor has successfully implemented his 45 years in the development of Chinese film industry. Debuting as a stuntman in Bruce Lee?s Fist of Fury in 1972, Chan never looked back to achieve the highest level of acting skills with more than 200 movies.

Chan?s martial arts skills together with his natural acting is something fans love to watch even in this tech-savvy era. Despite delivering blockbuster movies like ?Karate Kid? in 2010 and Dragon Blade in 2015, the actor has never been nominated for the Oscars.

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In his acceptance speech, Chan narrated how his father used to ask him why he has never won an Oscar. Even after being celebrated across the world with infinite numbers of awards, he had never gotten one. Chan said that although his father wasn?t with him now, the actor has finally successfully completed his last wish of getting an Oscar.

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Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger Pay the Tribute

The event was celebrated by hundreds of Hollywood celebrities as the audience cherished the way Chan charmed them with his speech. Chan?s co-star Chris Tucker presented him the honorary award. Meanwhile, Tom Hanks along with Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger, gave him a toast with the audience.

The actor wooed the audience with his speech by saying, ?I want to thank all my fans around the world because you?re the reason I continue to make movies, jumping through windows, kicking and punching and breaking my bones,? Chan said gratefully before receiving a standing ovation.

At last! After 45 years of making movies, the actor has gotten his first Oscar, before he breaks more bones, and/or before death.

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