iZombie Season 3 Spoilers: Ravi to Discover New Zombie Formula?

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iZombie Season 3 Spoilers

Ravi Chakrabarti (Rahul Kohli) has been experimenting on rats in an attempt to find a cure to reverse the zombieness in Liv Moore (Rose McIver), even prior to the upcoming iZombie Season 3. They once thought they had a medical breakthrough when the first rat, Hope, transformed into a zombie rat, and reversed into normal rat after Ravi gave it a shot of untainted Utopium.

A few days after, when the rat died, they did another experiment with another rat, Hope 2, with more successful results, only to find out later on that the cure is not yet foolproof. Hope 2 had returned to zombie mode. The problem is, the same supposed cure was injected on Major (Robert Buckley) and Blaine (David Anders), and both are ticking time bombs on what the latest effect would be. ?Blaine got a headstart with another cure, with a side effect. He has partial memory loss and seems to have forgotten his terrible deeds prior to ?being injected with the cure.

On the other hand, Season 2 ended with the introduction of a zombie army, Fillmore Graves, headed by Vivian Stoll. With Clive Babineaux (Malcolm Goodwin) in on the zombie secret, and Blaine acting like he is on the good side while he?s on partial amnesia mode, the question lies in whether they would find themselves fighting or siding with Fillmore Graves. As it is, Vivian has left Liv with a question in the season finale, ?Are you with us or against us??

More vivid zombie vision

During last month?s Comic Con, executive producer Rob Thomas revealed that iZombie Season 3 would be touching on trying to answer that question. Furthermore, according to Entertainment Weekly, Thomas has also left a little spoiler for the next season. ?Ravi will stumble upon a recipe to make zombie visions more vivid and longer lasting.?

Apparently it?s not the cure, but with Clive in on the secret, this new formula might make the detective?s life easier, especially now that he has both Liv and Major to help him out.

iZombie Season 3 is speculated to return on January 2017. It is set to run with 13 episodes.


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