iZombie Season 3 Spoilers: Max Rager To Have New Owner; Zombie vs Zombie War Expected

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As everyone patiently waits for the premiere of the new season, more and more iZombie Season 3 spoilers are being unveiled. Here is what we have gotten so far:

It has been reported that Rose McIver, one of the stars of the series, spilled some beans especially on the characters? evolution in season 3. It should be noted that Olivia Moore, portrayed by McIver, has finally learnt a big secret just before the second season of the series concluded.

While iZombie Season 3 is still months away from its release, fans are raring to know more about the show before it airs. However, the season 2 ended without leaving any cliffhanger which hyping the next installment. What it left was a hint that season 3 will be showing a lot of changes.

What are these changes? iZombie Season 3 spoilers say that the first expected turnaround in the upcoming show is the rise of the New World Order. This after Vaughn, who is the CEO of Max Rager, sold the company to a military contractor. It is rumored that on the night of ownership transferring, Vaughn will be unleashing some zombies in a show for the new owner.

But Vaughn and his daughter will be dying because of the zombies. Why? It will turn out that the private military contractor and the new owner of Max Rager happens to be more evil than Vaughn after all. Because of the incident, it is not impossible that the International Zombie HQ might conquer Seattle. The invasion is expected to be led by Vivian Stoll.

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Meanwhile, it is speculated that the upcoming season 3 will be featuring a zombie war. The idea was brought about by McIver herself in an interview. She said that a zombie versus zombie war will be taking place in Seattle during the third season.

It will be a battle between the good group, Team Liv, and the evil Team Vivian. The former is helping humans escape the villains in Seattle while the latter makes humans their food.

McIver also bared that the members of Team Liv will most likely act just like humans in season 3. They will be able to do things which humans usually do. These acts include dancing, most probably to the tune of a ballerina song.

On the other hand, no release date has been revealed yet but it is speculated that it might return this October or November.

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