iZombie Season 3 Spoilers: Liv to Choose Between Humans and Zombies

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It hasn?t even begun yet, but the finale of iZombie Season 3 is pretty much already thought of by writers Rob Thomas and Diane Ruggiero-Wright. According to an interview with TV Line during Comic Con, the duo confirmed that they know where they?re heading this ?year. Meetings in the writers? room had them asking about what the shape of the season is going to be.

?We try to build a season into its own story. Where are we going to end this year? And then we build it backwards from there,? reveals Thomas in a pretty strange backwards writing setup. He explained further that they may not have all the details fleshed out yet, but they know who?s going to be in a relationship and when and what direction they?re heading.

For one thing, Rose McIver, who plays Olivia Moore, the heroine zombie, was promised by the show?s writers that she will have a romantic interest and he will not be killed off. Boy, do we wish she would finally get back together with Major, played by Robert Buckley.

Zombie army

iZombie Season 3 would have Liv face an ethical question. In Season 2, Vivian Stoll, played by Andrea Savage, basically left a cliffhanger for Liv by revealing that there is essentially a zombie army ready to battle the day that humans find out of their existence. When humans find out, there will be zombie apocalypse and extermination will happen for sure. Vivian, knowing Liv?s attachment to her humans, asks her whose side will she be on when that day comes? Rob and Diane reveal that a lot of the episodes in the upcoming season would be touching on Liv figuring out the answer to that question.

Another thing in store for us in iZombie Season 3 is that the season would do a sort of Law and Order kind of thing, where Liv and Clive are going to solve a case in one episode and then Peyton is going to prosecute the case in the following episode and find out that there?s more to it than it seems.

Also, we will be seeing Blaine?s father back this season. Angus, played by actor Robert Knepper, was last seen frozen in the shady plot?s basement. The writers revealed that they have some fun plans in store for him.

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