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It was Saturday, around mid afternoon that we went to visit the iZ3D booth for their iZ3D monitors. Once we stepped in there, I felt that they had taken visual entertainment to a whole new level. It was purely amazing of just how these monitors can bring a different kind of experience with games and movies. Check out the information below about these sweet devices of entertainment!

26-inch iZ3D Monitor Prototype
The 26-inch monitor is optimized for 3D viewing, and can be easily toggled into a 2D mode for day-to-day use. In 3D mode, viewers see bright, 3D images or video simply by installing the iZ3D software driver and wearing any of eight iZ3D passive polarized glasses. New or existing PCs equipped with a dual-output video card easily power the display.

iZ3D Console Game Compatible 22-inch 3DMonitor Prototype
Now play many popular Xbox®, PS3® and Wii® games in 3D on the new iZ3D 22-inch console game compatible monitor. Toggle the monitor into a 2D mode for other console based non-3D games.

Immersion Series – Flight/Racing Game Simulator 3 Monitor Prototype
This configuration gives users an incredible 3D effect. A triple iZ3D setup with a flight /racing simulator really puts you in the game! Get three wide screen monitors, viewing glasses, and iZ3D software drivers and your ready to go. iZ3D developed this unique technology to create an surround-vision environment that delivers 3D without the eyestrain, spatial disorientation, or headaches commonly associated 3D.

Limited Edition – Smooth Creations Custom Painted Monitors
iZ3D is offering customized monitors with designs from Smooth Creations. Six designs are available on the 22” widescreen monitor, which creates an adjustable 3D environment without eyestrain, spatial disorientation or headaches. In 3D mode, viewers can see 3D images by wearing a pair of iZ3D passive polarized glasses. Specifications include: 1680 x 1050 resolution; up to 170-degree 3D viewing angle; 5ms response time; 700:1 contrast ratio; and 16.7-million colors. The customized iZ3D monitors are available exclusively at for $549. Website Features Easy Start-Up Video in January
As of January 2009 iZ3D will offer a easy start video for new owners to refer to for easy monitor installation. The video touches upon common set up errors and how to quickly correct them. The monitor also comes with an installation booklet too!

iZ3D Now Available MicroCenter and Fry’s Electronics Retail Stores!
Gaming and entertainment in the 3rd dimension is gaining momentum! iZ3D is adding a new dimension for our customers – we’re leaping from online to retailer stores so consumers can experience the thrill of 3D and the convenience of buying on the spot. Most PC games are designed in 3D and ideal for 3D displays. iZ3D’s optimized driver unlocks the third (depth) dimension of these 3D-ready games to allow gamers to finally play games as they were created – in 3D.

iZ3D Drivers – Newly Released AMD Version
iZ3D latest driver V1.09 has built in support for 10 different stereoscopic methods and the first S-3D driver to feature a user-friendly interface, a flexible per-game profile system and compatibility with popular dual output cards. The V1.09 driver also features an ATI 3D DLP output, which is free to ATI RadeonTM graphics card users. Other 3D driver outputs are available for $49.99 per license (each output).

$50.00 Rebate –Available for All ATI RadeonTM Customers
AMD/ATI is offering a rebate for $50 off of the purchase price of an iZ3D monitor. Access to the rebate is linked from the ATI Catalyst page to the website. Past and present purchasers of any AMD/ATI RadeonTM graphics cards will receive a “3D4AMD” (3D for AMD) code, to receive an instant rebate on a iZ3D 22-inch widescreen 3D monitor purchase.

Manufacturer Information
•    Name iZ3D Inc.
•    HQ 4370 La Jolla Village Dr, Ste 400, San Diego, CA 92122
•    Phone 858-646-3015
•    Fax 858-646-3016
•    Websites and
•    Age 3 years (Joint Venture of Neurok Optics and Chi Mei Optoelectronics
•    Specialty 3-D display hardware, software drivers, and 3-D content development

Price and Availability
•    MSRP $399.00
•    Available now

What People Are Saying
3D is hot! Movies, games, photos, TVs, and accessories like cameras are all gaining popularity due to 3D. This is an opportunity for people to get something no one else yet has. Only a few e0tialers and retailers have this product.

Competing Solutions
•    Zalman $630 – $750

Product Description
The iZ3D monitor is the first advanced dual-mode LCD monitor that can display in standard 2D and brilliant stereoscopic 3-D. This monitor, the latest from iZ3D, works great with standard 2D content like spreadsheets and email, but is optimized for PC games and movies that are designed for 3-D display. At it’s present MSRP consumers will be able to choose between a 24-inch wide screen 2D monitor or this 22-inch wide screen 2D/3-D switchable monitor. The monitor has a standard matte black bezel but is also available in six custom-painted frame designs. It is a critical component of a 3D display solution which includes the monitor, polarized glasses, and software drivers, all available from iZ3D.

•    Full system (monitor, glasses, software, cables)
•    Passive stereoscopic 3D
•    Full Resolution
•    Linear Polarization
•    Optimized Drivers
•    Affordable price point
•    3D gaming community membership
•    Premium Support

•    One-Stop-Shop, better quality controls, plug & play
•    No eye strain, fatigue, headaches common with others
•    Full resolution presented to each eye on separate layers
•    Wider 3D viewing angle, more players/viewers can watch
•    Best 3D effects, regular updates to keep pace with new games
•    Roughly the price of a 24-in monitor or 5-7 games
•    Play in 3D tournaments or share tips for fun
•    Industry’s best technical support – we’re gamers ourselves

Box Contents
Plug & Play Solution
•    Widescreen 2D/3D LCD monitor
•    3 pair of 3D glasses
•    3D display driver software
•    Power and video cables
•    Quick start guide
•    1 year manufacturer’s warranty
•    Technical support
•    Free 3D community membership

System Requirements
•    PC-based
•    Windows XP / Windows Vista
•    Graphics Card with 2 video outputs
•    VGA+DVI
•    DVI+DVI
•    DVI + HDMI (with adapter)

Product Specifications
•    Type: Multi-Layer LCD
•    Size: 22-inch widescreen
•    Resolution: 1680 x 1050
•    Display Colors: 16.7 million
•    Brightness: 300 nits (cd/m2)
•    Response Time: 5ms
•    Contrast Ratio: 700:1
•    3D Viewing Angle: 170deg(H)/160deg(V)
•    Input Videos: Analog RGB, Digital
•    Connectors: D-Sub, DVI-D
•    Power: 100W (typ)
•    Dimensions: 12”W x 16”H x 9.6”D
•    Weight: 12 lbs

Software Drivers
•    V1.09 supports a variety of 3D interfaces including
•    iZ3D Stereoscopic mode
•    Anaglyph Mode
•    Dual Mode
•    Interlaced Mode
•    Shutter Mode
•    Stereo Mirror Mode
•    VR920 Mode
•    3D DLP Mode

•    Passive, linear polarized
•    About 1 oz ea

Why Are People Buying?
•    Evolution to 3D is already underway, similar to past evolutions like color TV, DVDs, USB drives and people don’t want to be left behind.
•    Evidence is hundreds of games playable in 3D already, all the hottest movie announcements, and news from leaders like Samsung, Sharp, and Sony entering 3D
•    At $399 its a great 2D monitor with 3D for just a little premium for the times you want a consumer wants to use it that way

What Else Goes With This Product?
•    PC Games, 3D movie DVDs
•    Mid-High end graphics Cards (like ATI, nVidia)
•    Mid-range PCs
•    High-performance mice and keyboards
•    ATI customers also get a $50 Rebate direct from iZ3D

Who’s Buying? Are You One?
•    Play PC games for fun and entertainment
•    Love new toys and gadgets
•    Love to be the first with the best
•    Looking to upgrade/replace monitor, PC, graphics card

•    Will I get headaches? No. Never with iZ3D’s passive technology
•    Can I play console games on this monitor? No. There aren’t enough video inputs to run the 3D
•    Are the games on the demo the only ones in 3D? No. There are hundreds of MMO, RPG, FPS, and SIM games that play in 3D – most games since 2002 are 3D
•    Is it plug and play? Yes. Plus the monitor has easy keyboard adjustments to optimize the 3-D effect for each viewer and game
•    Can it be used in 2D? Yes. It’s a standard 2D monitor when there is no 3D content detected or when the user shuts off the 3D panel.
•    What kind of content can be shown in 3D? Games, movies, pictures, anything that was created for 3D.
•    Is the monitor case bigger because of the 3D? The monitor is about the same size as any other 22-in monitor, but it is a little thicker to hold the 3D electronics.
•    What’s the source of the content? This monitor gets hooked up to a PC through 2 video output graphics card.
•    Where can I learn more? There’s a POS book or online at

About iZ3D Inc.
iZ3D Inc. is a leading innovator of 3D stereoscopic viewing display solutions. In addition to the design and marketing of 3D LCD displays, the company enables 3D content creation, and promotes the accelerated proliferation of 3D for entertainment and professional applications.

To present an uncompromised 3D experience, the company’s approach to 3D stereoscopic viewing includes optimizing solutions for gaming, home entertainment, and professional applications. Each solution is compatible with multiple graphics cards and includes iZ3D high-performance LCD displays, lightweight passive polarized glasses, and blazingly fast software.

The company is also developing next generation solutions and enabling content for home
entertainment and professional applications needing 3D displays to view movies, photos, and 3-
dimensional graphics with amazing depth, brightness, and resolution.

iZ3D was formed as joint venture of Taiwan-based Chi Mei Optoelectronics, a worldwide leader in TFT-LCD manufacturing and Neurok Optics LLC, a US-based 3D technology developer and
marketing company. The company distributes its products at the iZ3D online store and through major online and retail outlets. Visit or call 858.646.3015 for more information.

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