iWork Gets Its Much Needed Update, Now Features Real-Time Collaboration

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Apple just released the new macOS Sierra to its public users. Along with this update, the Cupertino tech giant also released the much needed update for iWork.

iWork is Apple?s own suite of word processing and number crunching applications, much like Microsoft?s Office suite of applications. The main highlight of the release is the real-time collaboration feature.

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Real-time collaboration was first introduced for the iWork on September at the Apple iPhone 7 event. The new feature allows users to create and edit documents at the same time. Users will be able to see all the participants as well as monitor what other users are editing within the document.

The new update?also enables users to share their documents publicly or with a specific list of people only. The update also adds tabs so users can work on multiple documents in just one window. Users must note that the real-time collaboration of the new iWork is still in beta version.

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Apart from Macs, iWork is also available to other devices from Apple. Users can collaborate from different platforms like the iPhone, iPad and

The new version of Pages and Keynote can now open and edit documents made with 2005 version of the same applications. To cap it off, all applications from the suite now support wide color gamut images.

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The first version of iWork was released back in 2005. It was initially priced at $79 on release. When it was first introduced, iWork only included Keynote and Pages. Keynote is used to create presentation slides while pages is used for word processing.

After a couple of years, Apple added a spreadsheet application to iWork. Numbers was released together with Keynote and Pages back in 2007. This update completed the suite of applications for iWork.

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For those who recently purchased a Mac or any iOS device, iWork comes free of charge. However, for others, it can be bought for $19.99 on Macs and $9.99 on iPhone and iPad.

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