iWatch: Threat to Luxury Swiss Watch

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Apple iWatch concept

Every time Apple releases any of its ?I? products, die-hard fans would rush ?to the nearest Apple store. It does not matter if it costs way too high than any other product of the same type as long as they can see a big black apple on it. Seeing this pattern happen everytime, Swiss watch makers began to worry that they might lose customers when the iWatch is released.

According Jean-Claude Biver, head of the watch brands at LVMH and chairman of watch brand Hublot, the iWatch has the same symbol that other Apple products have and might be the thing that will bring them down.

In an interview with Reuters news-agency;

?The iWatch will have the same status symbol power as many other Apple products, especially at the beginning,?I personally believe it has the potential to be a threat for the industry, and it should not stay with its arms crossed.?

The full features of the iWatch was not yet revealed but they are threatened by some of the few minor details that were given to them. The iWatch is believed to have a curved AMOLED display and covered with sapphire glass. The designs were not yet revealed but it will be in different sizes and it will be slim, probably with ?sleek designs.

Although most of them are worrying about what the iWatch would do to them, analysts think that it is way too early to tell and might not be a huge problem.

An analyst from Kepler Cheuvreux in Zurich, Jon Cox, stated that iWatch is not a threat. It is because nothing particular is known about the iWatch, and if the demand does not increase to a particular level, they do not need to stress themselves about it.

While Apple is not into competing with highly luxurious watches from the Swiss Brands, since super expensive Swiss watches are not bought for their functionality, they are into the mainstream categories where they can compete with other watches of the same kind and same functionality.


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