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Pictured above is all the swag I procured from the GDC08.  I must admit, GDC has better swag than any convention I’ve ever been to, including E3.  Microsoft was just handing out wireless 360 controllers if you let them scan your tag.  Easy as that huh?  Well I’ve decided to start giving my swag away after every convention.  I usually give most of it away to my friends but now you have a chance to get my swag. 

Getting my swag isn’t easy and I don’t even have a name for the contest.  So I need you to help me out by thinking up a cool name for my swag give away contests.  All you have to do is log into the True Gamer forums and post your entry under the contest thread.   On March 2nd we will announce the winner and notifiy them by email address.  So when you register for the True Gamer forums, make sure your email address is correct.  Here is a list of goodies that I’ll be giving away:

  • Blue Xbox 360 Wireless Controller
  • Guitar Hero key chain
  • In Shirt XMB T-shirt
  • Playstation Blogger Lounge T-shirt
  • Star Wars Force Unleashed Magnetic Bottle Opener
  • USB hub/cup warmer
  • GDC08 Press Bag and everything that’s in it
  • Intel Bag with little Intel guy
  • Tiger Woods Golf 08 for the PC
  • Insomniac Slinky
  • 2K Games Ball
  • Street Fighter IV Edge Magazine
  • Orange bag
  • My notes from Microsoft’s Blogger Breakfast
  • A high powered keychain flashlight
  •  Crysis demo
  • World Of Warcraft Trial Edition
  • Bioshock syringe pen
  • A partially chewed Dead Head Fred brain
  • Assorted candy
  • 6 Hour energy drink
  • Xbox Keychain with memory card holder
  • Intel Gel Pad
  • Mom Said Playing Video Games Would Never Pay Off T-shirt
  • Mercenaries comic
  • Unused CCP/White Wolfe S&M party ticket
  • PHAT Lucasarts pen
  • 2K Games pen
  • EON magazine
  • Some other shit

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