It’s Official, Bioshock For PS3 A Reality

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One week after my Rumorsmash and the news is official. This whole ordeal brings up a point I’ve been trying to make about dealing with PR people. What is up with the ‘no comment on rumors’ crap!? Why can’t they just give us a yes or a no? How is it that a print magazine already has screenshots and official release info, but a Take Two rep was in full denial last week? What’s the point of giving one outlet information before others? What is Take Two getting out of the deal with the print magazine? Like those exclusive reviews 1up received of GTAIV, this makes no sense to me. At least I can rest easy knowing I was right about one thing; it’s release is for the holidays, not September. At least that’s what the internet is saying. PS3 owners are in for a real treat! Glad to see more gamers getting a chance to play this game. Here’s my response from Take Two after emailing them today when I heard the news:

Ok, I’m hearing it’s official now. True or False and can you confirm a September or late fall release?

It’s true – an official release will be going out this week or early next. I have no more information I can share at this point. Sorry.

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