Italy Earthquake 2016: How to Help Victims; Death Toll & The Story So Far

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A 6.2 magnitude earthquake has hit the center of Italy, the earthquake has left an estimated 247 dead in its wake.

Small Italian homes received the brunt of the 6.2 magnitude earthquake. The earthquake struck during the middle of the night on the unsuspecting civilians. The earthquake has leveled many homes and apartments.


How to Help Italy Earthquake 2016 Victims

If you?re willing to drop by Italy to help, you can go to San Camillo de Lellis General Hospital located in Reiti for blood donations. It is important to note that you will need to present a valid identification card and that you do take the general pre-blood donation precautions. You must not drinking alcohol before donations and you are also required avoid eating dairy as well.

Nonperishable food, water, medicine, clothing, batteries, and general supplies can be dropped off at various school and stores in Reiti.

For those who want to send their help from far away, money can be donated to La Stampa?s emergency fund. ?Search: ? after which choose that your gift to go to “Fund 597 Earthquake in Central Italy,” You can also donate supplies to ShelterBox who will direct all donations to the disaster area.



Impact of the Earthquake

The devastating earthquake struck 10 kilometers southeast of Norcia.

Italy?s Civil Protection agency has determined that out of all the people who have died from the quake, an estimated 53 casualties come from the town of Amatrice, 100 are estimated to be injured. Multiple casualties have also been uncovered in the towns of Aqguata del Tronto and Accumoli.

The earthquake did not only devastate Italy from just the death toll, more than 1,000 residents have been displaced by the earthquake. The Civil Protection agency has given a statement saying that none of the residents will be allowed to sleep in Amatrice last Wednesday night. The statement gives a sense of the depth of devastation that Amatrice has been subjected to.

Amatrice, Arquata del Tronto, and Accumoli were the towns closest to the epicenter of the earthquake. ?The three towns are ravaged by devastation. Many of the homes and structures in the area are unreinforced structures, not designed to withstand an earthquake that had struck Italy .

Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi spoke about the disaster, saying that: “Right now we feel terrible pain…Italy is a family that has been hit and struck, but we are not going to be stopped?In difficult times, Italy knows what to do,”

Prime Minister Matteo Renzi later vowed that all efforts will be used in this critical time of need with the chance to save more lives.


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