Italian Men Performing As Sailor Moon Goes Viral (Watch)

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The internet sure is crazy, so here is another crazy moment where men became Sailor Soldiers.

Sailor Moon is one of the most popular anime series that focuses on magical girls, this is quite popular among young and teenage girls, more like to Kamen Rider for young boys. Despite the series is aimed for your girls, there are also men who are fans of the series and it is not that surprising, whoever things just went to the extreme when men becomes a part of the Sailor Soldiers.

Enter the muscular, all-men version of the Sailor Moon characters. A group of Italian men decided to create a music video based on the Italian version of the opening song for the Sailor Moon S animated series. What made this really awesome is that they incorporated some of the tropes found in the series; from the transformations, to the snippets from the anime and even the involvement of Tuxedo Mask. If you are now more curious about it, you can check out the video below

The video has some sort of mash up with the La Isla Bonita song by Madonna in the middle, as the group shows some tribute to the Pop Diva. The video has made it to Japan and the Sailor Moon fans are loving the dedication of the male group as their costumes are that very accurate to the series, from the sailor-style collars to illuminated gems on their tiaras. The transformation effects are very top notch.

It is really nice to see some fans are doing some dedication to celebrate their favorite series, whether it is an anime, cartoons or a TV series, as these fans show their appreciation and give more tribute to these series where the producers and creators are more encouraged and motivated to continue their works. I wonder what next crazy videos we can see soon.

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