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It Is a No-No for Digital Titanfall in Xbox 360 Says the EA

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It Is a No-No for Digital Titanfall in Xbox 360 Says the EA

Redwood City, California ? EA or Electronic Arts shows that they will not be releasing any version of the Titanfall digitally for Xbox 360. However, it is still good news for the fans because they can have it elsewhere.

There will be other places for gamers to see the action that Titanfall can bring. It will not be available in any Games on Demand website, but land-based stores may have it. The company says that they are afraid that the features of the game will not be enough to be on such website, and such game console.

Solely Depending on Discs to Preserve It

There were no announcements from EA that they will not make the game available for it. However, when they released the official information for online acquisition of Titanfall, Xbox 360 was not just there.

They made sure that it will only be available for discs. For them, this is the proper way of preparing the mint crisp features of the game. Plus, they could further protect the integrity of the game if they work with the DVD copies alone.

There are a lot of ways to pirate a material if it is already sold online. EA has not mentioned it, but this could be one of the reasons why. A pirated game could lose its value simply because you will play hard when you have worked hard for it.

Apology From the Electronic Arts

In relation to their decision, Electronic Arts asks for the sincerest apology. They could have done it better but chose not to, all because for the benefit of their gamers. Titanfall has been set to exceed expectations, but it cannot do it if they will decide to include it in the website.

For a lot of people, this could be a better decision. Plus, announcing it to the public is better than not having any announcements at all. The Titanfall, however, will be available for other gaming consoles on the same website. Those who are not using an Xbox 360 will not experience the same problem. PC, Xbox One and Wii users can enjoy it completely.

It is a very tough decision for EA to do so. Titanfall on Xbox 360 could blow up their sales, like how other consoles can do it. They definitely deserve respect from the gaming community. However, they could have provided a better alternative than just disc alone, don?t you think?

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