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Temporary_block_at_Facebook Now that smart phones and tablet PCs are becoming popular, people on-the-go are more and more hook up with each other.? More and more mobile applications are released due to the strong demand that each mobile user has. Facebook, the king of social media tools, provides the mobile version where a user can connect with friends in their network. They can chat, see messages, to name a few.

Problems with Facebook

However, there are certain features that Facebook mobile doesn’t provide. These include adding friends, tagging pictures and seeing older posts, which are available when a user makes use of the mobile devices. But then, there are times that the browser crashes down after several minutes have passed.? This can be frustrating so, users would resort to clearing up the cache to make applications to work again.? Others would be accessing Facebook on either laptop or desktop PC.

For instance, with iOS and Android, the issue arises in HTML with UIWebViews but without any support for Nitro, Apple’s Javascript engine. Another case occurs as the Facebook’s mobile version makes for the same but out-of-sync data. Here are two excerpts that users can see from

?For a starter, caching of unchanged content cannot be controlled by the developer. The FB app downloads the whole timeline HTML every time, and it is up to the UIWebView to determine whether it needs to download images, stylesheets etc again?.?Also, to communicate from the UIWebView to the native app, a Javascript bridge is needed. This is tricky stuff, slow and not really thread safe.?

?For notifications, messages and friend requests regular REST calls are done, returning XML data. First check is to see what number of new notifications are there, then the actual content is retrieved in a separate call. As far as I can tell, the Facebook service calls return inconsistent information. When you check too fast what new notifications are awaiting you, you don?t get the new information.?

Now, Facebook is continually going through improvements its design and usability through the introduction of new features and enhancements periodically. So, its many users don’t have to update their Facebook application on their end as this would only happen only on Facebook’s side. So, users would not have any headache on their end.

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