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ISIS Recruitment: Know ‘Jihadi John’ and the other Recruits from the West

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Territory under ISIS control [By NordNordWest, Spesh531 [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons]

Recently, the world been gripped by the terror that is known as ISIS.

You see them everywhere on the Net, and you?ve probably stumbled upon a few of their dozens of gruesome videos and news about their barbaric killings. They justify their cause by making it all about Islam?that what they?re doing has been written in the holy Qur?an by the prophet Mohammed, and that they are following the orders of Allah. This radical thinking has inspired a lot of people in territories that they?ve assimilated and well beyond, as well.

As per the Atlantic, we get to know the face of their many videos?a man only known in the news as Jihadi John, the main face of their many videos. We take a look at what his life might have been before ISIS came into power as well as where he was. In further news from CNN, we take a look at the others who have taken up the cause of the ISIS terrorists?people who think that ISIS is in the right, and that everything they are doing is for the greater glory of Allah and Islam.

?Jihadi John? at a glance

Who would know that a harmless-looking immigrant in a foreign country would become the ISIS? face of executions just some years later?

Take a look at Mohammed Emwazi who, as per The Atlantic, transitioned to become ?Jihadi John? a few years after he wrote to his friend that he felt like he was in a cage in London. Since then, he had become the face of ISIS? many public executions shown on the Web. Some might say that he?s too educated to be a terroris, as per The Atlantic?s record of him reportedly graduating from the University of Westminster. But then again, Osama Bin Laden was also a rich playboy once upon a time.

Emwazi is only one of many Western terrorists?ethnic Middle-Easterns or otherwise native Westerns?who have since joined up with the terror group. They see cause in what the group is ?fighting for?, although of course, that doesn?t necessarily puts them in the right.

Other Johns and Janes in the ?Cause?

Emwazi isn?t the first Westerner to come to ISIS-controlled territories in the hopes of becoming a martyr for the cause.

As per CNN, three immigrants?24 year old Abdurasul Juraboev, 19 year old Akhror Saidakhmetov, and 30 year old Abror Habibov?were thrust in the limelight recently for being arrested on charges of conspiring to kill President Barack Obama as well as to provide material support and resources to ISIS. They?re not the only ones to have done such; Canada, France, the UK, Australia, and Germany each have their own unwitting contribution to the terror group in citizens who have since pledged their support for the alarmingly-fast growing terrorist group.

What is it with ISIS that makes them so infectious? Perhaps it?s the groups call to a ?holy war?, or the promise of dying for the faith. While they?re wrong in what they do presumably, that doesn?t seem to faze these foreigners who think they?re doing what they have been told by Allah to do.

How to deal with ISIS

There is no clean cut solution for dealing with the ISIS terror group, as it seems their videos only inspire a frenzied faith among militant Muslims. The only way?perhaps?of dealing with the threat is proper information dissemination about the group, and treating their videos as acts of terror.


Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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