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ISIS Recruitment: From Zayn Malik to Social Media Recruitment

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ISIS refugees on the run from the terror group [By USAID U.S. Agency for International Development [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons]

From one trouble to another, the world seems to have heard the last from Al Qaeda and it was replaced by the Islamic State.

The Islamic State, a band of rebels who grouped together to form their own idealistic Caliphate-styled revolution, has been stirring up a lot of trouble in the Middle-East. Claiming that everything they do is for Islam, they?ve conducted barbaric executions, including the death of one Jordanian pilot by immolation and the massacre of 21 Coptic Christians. To top all of that, they?ve taken to aggressive recruiting tactics for their cause.

The tactics seem to have endeared young people all over with their ?ideal? Muslim Caliphate. Taking advantage of all outlets, including social media, ISIS? recruitment tactics have enticed young people to join, as per CS Monitor. This could mean big trouble to the authorities. This surprising report can?t be too good too. Recently, Zayn Malik decided to quit One Direction?and there might be a darker reason behind that decision, as per Death and Taxes.

Techie ISIS

ISIS has, so far, utilized every media tool at their disposal to spread their genuine brand of terror. Not even Al Qaeda had gotten this ambitious.

As per CS Monitor, the Islamic State terrorists had used tools aligned with propaganda such as an appeal to a sense of identity, idealism, internet propaganda and religious obligation to recruit teens. Such a system is already in place in the West; hence, the influx of teens and young people trying to join the terrorist group.

That?s not to say that there are efforts to counter-act this growing branch of terror propaganda that?s as attractive as a video-game. There have been efforts to tell young people what it really is like in the ISIS-controlled areas, and those aren?t rosy images.

Superstar Boost

Recently, news broke out that Zayn Malik, member of the super boy-group One Direction, quit the group, citing personal time as a reason.

As per Death and taxes, however, it seems that Malik was tagged with something more sinister. The decision to leave the group and his being of Islamic origins playing a big role, Internet trolls tagged Zayn Malik?s decision with the intent to join an ISIS training camp.

While Malik?s decision to leave the group is by no means a sign that he?ll turn terrorist, the joke is done in bad taste. However, the Internet being the place it is, no doubt this will grow more and more as days pass by. Tweets and images can be seen in the Death and Taxes article.

A Terrifying Growth

Consider for a moment that Zayn really joins ISIS.

That would propel the propaganda of the group to unchartered heights, and we may yet see the resurgence of an Islamic jihad as it spreads across Europe. Will this spark another Crusade, this time a quest to eliminate a global terror? Efforts nothing short of this should be done, or else, we all stand to be at the mercy of the Islamic State and its Medieval-era brutality.


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