ISIS Data Leak Reveals Top Secret Fighters’ Names–Will It Spark Vigilante Strikes?

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The fight against international terror group ISIS has finally stumbled on the “biggest breakthrough in years? after the dreaded terrorists?are hit with a?crucial data leak.

In a report from, it was revealed that personal details of over 22,000 Jihadis were acquired by the security forces. Some critical information that have been gathered include names, addresses, telephone numbers and family contacts of the group?s members. In addition, the data is also believed to contain hundreds of British fighters and 16 British jihadis in Syria.

With this huge achievement by the law enforcement, it is going to be a major boost to their mission of destroying the terror group, because hopefully, they can now keep track of the members who have been travelling around the world and could cause danger to numerous innocent civilians.

Aside from those details, there is also a file named Martyrs in the obtained data. It is said to be the details of small army recruits who were trained and willing to execute suicide attacks.

Furthermore, all the information at hand were collected by the ISIS group through their induction process, where the newly recruited fighters had to answer 23 questions in a security card. Those data include date of birth, marital status, former employment, who recommended them, if they had fought before, their preferred role (such as ?fighter?), and any ?specialist skills.?

In a more detailed report from, there are 1,736 documents acquired by the security forces. All of those were ?stamped with the sinister black flag of the ?caliphate? which has cut a swathe of terror through the Middle East.?

Furthermore, according to the same report, the ISIS has recruited jihadists from more than 40 countries around the world including Iran and Russia. However, the recruits mostly are Saudi Arabian, Tunisian, Moroccan and Egyptian, while for the ?foreign? fighters, Turkish are the ones leading in numbers as well as those who came from France.

Going back to the files, Abdel Bary, 26, is one of the names leaked. He is a convicted terrorist who was originally a rap artist in the UK before being recruited to fight for the group. Another name revealed in the obtained personal data is Will Geddes. He is a managing director of a leading threat management company which said, ?They will be in crisis mode, worried about what is in there, who is in there, and how it will disrupt their activities.?

The security forces was able to acquire those personal data through Abu Hamed. He was a recruit of the terror group who stole a memory stick from one of the jihadi group?s internal security police. Hamed then handed the details to an Arab news source. Aside from his big help, the former recruit also revealed that the group is being handled by former soldiers from the Iraqi Baath party, which was formerly led by the top terrorist Saddam Hussein.

As of now, the ISIS is ?indoctrinating innocent children to follow their twisted version of Islam,? said Mirror. The number of these young people is believed to have reached at least 50. Hopefully, these leaked data will help to take down the terror group to save these children and just like what Hamed said, it would be possible, ?God willing.?

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