Is YouTube acquiring Twitch?

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According to sources, video game streaming service, Twitch, is being acquired by YouTube as part of a deal worth more than $1 billion dollars.

Twitch is a popular game streaming service for players and game casters alike. It was launched in June of 2011 by co-founders Justin Kan and Emmett Shear. The main focus of the site is to offer live video game streams as well as competitive gaming or eSports broadcasting. Twitch is very popular as it has more than 45 million visitors per month and even topped 1 million monthly broadcasters earlier this year. The company has mentioned that the success is also attributed in part due to the service?s availability on the PlayStation 4. Streaming on Twitch was added to the Xbox One in March.

Initial reports mentioned that the deal is an all cash offer and that the deal was to be announced soon, but a subsequent report mentioned that the acquisition talks are actually still at an early stage. Twitch seems to also be exploring the option of being able to increase additional funding instead of selling their game streaming service.

Twitch has been evaluating multiple bids from potential buyers, which include Microsoft as well as plenty of funding offers from various venture capitalists according to some people with close knowledge about the talks. Twitch seems to believe that Google?s YouTube service is a good fit as it believes that the company will be able to help Twitch become the definitive service as far as video game streaming is concerned. Another person close to the deal mentioned that both companies have agreed on a price and are currently working out the specifics of the deal including how the brand name of Twitch will remain independent.

A lot of gamers and fans of Twitch will take a lot of issues should this acquisition by Google push through. Some people have had issues regarding regional access for content from YouTube or the very broad copyright claims which would mean that YouTube would be removing videos from users as they see fit. Although specifics aren?t known yet, hopefully Twitch remains to be the gaming service that is for gamers and the eSports community.

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