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Is This ?Review? of a Leaked Retail Copy of Watch Dogs Reliable At All?

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Watch Dogs Review?
Watch Dogs Review?

Just recently, a tech/gaming website posted a ?review? of Watch Dogs. Yes, you read that right, and yes, it is the same Watch Dogs we are anticipating to come out. Ali Naqui of claims that, the Watch Dogs game he reviewed was a retail copy of the Xbox One version (though he both has the Xbox One and PS4 version). It might certainly weird out some gamers with the fact that, the PS4 version is the superior console for the game, why not review it there instead? If you are still not convinced OR otherwise, read on anyway.

According to the review by Naqui, the game got a 7 out of 10, which compares to Goat Simulator that got 10 out of 10 from the same reviewer. At some point, Goat Simulator may be better than Watch Dogs (pun intended here), but the credibility of the review is certainly one in question.

While it is a given that, the game might feel a bit like Grand Theft Auto on steroids, just like any review, it points out a game?s pros and cons. Watch Dogs definitely have those. According to the review, it has a decent gameplay, but bland at some parts. One thing that certainly catches the readers? attention was Ubisoft?s tricky way of forcing players on staying Online, or else, all your online-related skill points will be wiped out and reset to zero. It is either you play while being in a very large risk of getting invaded (hacked) or go play offline and gain no online-related skills at all.

Another point, though this might be subjective, is that, if you?ve got both copies for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, why would you NOT play the game on the console, which the game was said to run at its best? Some graphical hiccups and misses compared to the E3 footages of the game is nothing new, but at least, it should be judged on the best possible console it can run.

The lack of any footage of the physical boxes of the retail copy of the game also decreases the credibility of the VIDEO review of a game that has not been released yet. The video embedded in the review does not have any footage related to the game?s main story or anything significant at all. It was just random running around, shooting/beating random people and hacking stuff. One would also question WHY they would evaluate the multiplayer mode if there’s nobody to play with online (the game is not officially released yet). All this could be, at least, a little more convincing, if they tried saving the game progress or something.

If the review from bothered you too much, rest assured that it is still a grain of salt. This review can potentially make potential buyers of the game, have their second thoughts, but still, we can safely say that, even if, indeed, it was a full retail version, you can?t just review a game without actually going far in the game, seeing most of the things it offers. At least, that?s how a proper game review works and that?s how it should be delivered. But then again, to each, his own. Let us know what you think about this review. Click this link to check out the actual review from their site.

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