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Is The ‘Titanfall’ Hype Already Dead?

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Titanfall- Official Angel City
Titanfall- Official Angel City

The Microsoft exclusive game Titanfall surfaced in the gaming world by storm. It was the next ?BIG? thing for the Xbox One shooter (as if there were many. It was one of the first to come out for the ?relatively new console). It is a multiplayer game, similar to the roots of Unreal Tournament and it kept being dubbed as ?the evolution to competitive multiplayer game?. Now that the hype train slowed down a bit, the question is, did Titanfall live up to its hype and promise?

It is already a given that the game felt like a very well made shooter. It actually had the qualities of an excellent first person multiplayer-focused game. However, aside from that, the game never really seemed to have introduced something ?innovative? (Of course, aside from the next generation graphic quality). It may differ with others, but it loses the magic of seeing the explosive action for the first time in each gaming session.

These do not mean that Titanfall is?a bad game. It just becomes less fun after a few sessions. The gaming community supporting Titanfall decreased after a period of time, and the game became more of a ?casual? thing and not something that people would play on days on ends like what other multiplayer games offered (e.g. Unreal Tournament, Counter Strike, LoL)

The game felt more like a building block, to what must have been, a ?truly? innovative multiplayer game. Yes, the ?Titans? shone the brightest in the game, but after a while, they just start to feel like just a normal part of a normal run-and-gun game, which is all pretty standard to this day and age.

It is never really THAT easy to shake things up in the gaming? market, and being the best on something would take a considerable amount of effort, both on the developers and the marketing end of the game producers. Titanfall, however, served its purpose of bringing in new customers to get the Xbox One, which is not bad at all. The hype might come back or it may not, after the DLC for the game comes up.

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