Is the Rumor on Apple iTV True? Time to Find Out.

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If you love the full ? HD Apple TV box, then the rumor on an Apple iTV will surely get your heart raising. The company seems more interested in creating better iPhones and iPads for your living room entertainment, but Apple is thinking bigger. Rumor has it that the company wants to make something big out of the little Apple TV box. Is this rumor true? Let?s find out.

What is Tim Cook Cooking This Time?

Apple CEO Tim Cook hinted again during the 2012 earnings call that the company is working on something bigger and better than the Apple TV. Cook says that they have always seen something in the TV set top box. He added that if they keep on following their intuition, then they might find something bigger.

Apple wants something that would gain the main market and have its own category. Rumors still continue to circulate as Apple is now working with U.S cable and content providers for a new version of the Apple TV box.

More Hints

More stronger hints were unveiled during an NBC interview with Tim Cook in 2012. Cook told Williams that he feels going backwards by 20 to 30 years when he turns on his TV in his living room. He says that it is an area of intense interest.

Manufacturer Foxconn also dropped a hint on the rumored iTV, where chief executive Terry Gua was quoted for saying that they are preparing for the iTV. More speculation on the involvement of Foxconn went out in December 2012, and then again in 2013. The rumor heightened further when the company decided to focus on TVs.

However, an analyst suggested late 2013 that the project has been postponed to give way for the development of the new TV box and iWatch. Rumors on the fourth generation Apple TV box also came in, which could buy and download apps using the new App Store. There may be a controller, but people will more likely use their iOS devices.

Analysts think that the Apple iTV is yet to be launched, but possible because of the increasing demand for smart TVs in the market.

With smart TVs taking over the TV market, analysts reckon that the time is ripe for an Apple iTV to be launched. Smart TV adoption grew from 12% in 2011 to 25% in 2012, according to a new report from TDG.

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