Is Soko Upset Over Kristen Stewart And Alicia Cargile Relationship? How Is She Now?

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Kristen Stewart is happily moving out with Alicia Cargile. Kristen?s ex-girlfriend Soko is not in the news. So, fans are asking whether Soko is upset and jealous about Kristen?s new girlfriend. Here you will find the answer.

After breaking up with Kristen Stewart, Soko was expressing her emotions on Twitter. ?This pretend life is too lonely. I barely see my friends and family, coz I?m always working. And that?s no fun at all,? Soko?s tweet reads.

In another tweet, Soko mentioned that she wants to get back to her life. She wants to know her real identity. According to a rumor, Soko has recovered from the breakup. ?She is into movies now. She will be playing the lead character in the film ?The Dancer? which is based on the life of American dancer Loie Fuller. ?

A love failure may not have long term effect on a strong person like Soko. Soko is small town girl and struggled hard to prove her ability. Reaching a big town like Paris was her childhood dream. She knows how to play musical instruments and also written songs like “We Might Be Dead by Tomorrow,” “Ocean of Tears,” and “I’ll Kill Her.” Today Soko is the well-known name in music industry. “I wanted to find something in which I feel more like I can self-create and be at the origin of, and express my own ideas, and be independent, and not need anyone else to do it,”Soko said, according to Broadly.

Soko had an intense relationship with Kristen Stewart. The couple was spotted in New York?s East village. Both were holding hands. Kristen and Soko were seen together a couple of times in the US. They had kissed each other in public.

According to a rumor, Kristen Stewart never regretted for breaking up with Soko. The reason for Kristen-Soko break up is still not clear. But few reports had claimed that Soko had gone on a blind date with Robert Pattinson. She revealed it during an interview. It was an indigestible thing for Kristen and she stopped talking to Soko. Soon after that Kristen reunited with her former girlfriend and personal assistant Alicia Cargile. At present Soko is not dating anyone.

Will Soko remain single forever? ?

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