Is Sega’s Super Monkey Ball Bounce A Peggle Knockoff?

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Super Monkey Ball Bounce

Super Monkey Ball Bounce, the newest entry to Sega?s Super Monkey Ball series, is scheduled to be released by the Japanese game developer this summer. The gameplay for this version is very different from its previous editions in a way that many game aficionados describe as heavily ?borrowed? from a PopCap game called ?Peggle.?

In earlier versions, Super Monkey Ball games involve players steering monkeys trapped inside plastic spheres. Representatives from Sega Mobile say that this new ?Bounce? version credits the classic Japanese arcade game pachinko as its main inspiration. But still, the game has an arguably unmistakable resemblance to Peggle.

Upon playing, you need to control a cannon at the top portion of the screen. A careful aim is needed to fire monkey balls and clear a field full of pegs. Super Monkey Ball even has this Peggle-like feature that magnifies the screen when you prepare to shoot the final ball, helping you win the game or otherwise narrowly miss targets by a few pixels.

Each of the characters in this new Sega game has their own unique skills. For example, GonGon can fire a smashball that massively plows through several pegs. Meanwhile, YanYan is able to shoot two monkey balls simultaneously and AiAi?s special skill shot lets players see an indicator line that can predict where the monkey ball will land after its first bounce. To some gamers, these characters and their abilities are reminiscent of Peggle?s Masters.

One major difference of Super Monkey Ball Bounce from Peggle is the way its boss battles are played. In this part of the game, players need to fight against opponents under Professor Boscis? control. Prof. Boscis is the enemy boss sitting at the playfield?s bottom portion. Players need a very careful aim and use their limited number of monkey balls to crush the enemies. To receive bonus score multipliers, they need to collect bananas that appear on the playfield as the game progresses.

Super Monkey Ball Bounce will be a free-to-play game, according to Sega. Players will only need to pay if ever they need power ups. The game has already been soft-launched in Canada. But for the rest of North America and the world, they will need to wait for Sega?s late summer release.


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