Is Mary Kate Olsen Sick? Actress’ Latest Pics Are Disturbing

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Mary Kate Olsen

Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen were noticeably absent in the premiere of Netflix?s Full House reboot in February. And now that the show is back on the television screens for its second season, there still isn?t any signs of the twins in Fuller House.

People had been curious about the absence of the Olsen twins. The issue even stirred up a couple of speculations. One of which is that Mary Kate Olsen is sick.

Mary Kate Olsen Disturbingly Thin

Mary Kate Olsen showed off her black bikini while having a vacation in France, and it certainly have drawn the attention of the cameras. Her physique was widely questioned by the witnesses and photographers, adding up to the speculations that she might be suffering from an illness.

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Being distinctly thin in her photos, fans had become worried about Mary Kate?s physique. Not only is she reportedly thin, she also looked older in her photos; and she?s just 30 years old.

Mary Kate Olsen

According to Showbiz, people are starting to compare Mary-Kate?s previous health to the actress? drastic change of weight.

However. Fans can now stop worrying about Mary Kate Olsen. Rumors about Mary-Kate Olsen being sick is just one of the media?s false interpretations.

Then? why aren?t the Olsen Twins in Fuller House?

Apparently, the Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen decided to just take a step back from Fuller House. Fans of the Fuller House can remember how young the twins were when they started filming the show.

Jeff Franklin told Business Insider that he invited the Olsen twins during the their production in 2015, but the Olsen twins declined. The show creator explained that their decline was well accepted, as the twins were still very young when they created the show.

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Though Jeff Franklin is still hopeful that the twins will somehow return to take their role in the show, he stated that the show will still go on smoothly without the twins. After all, he respects that the twins decided to have a career shift when they grew older.

Mary Kate is now officially married to French Banker Olivier Sarkozy after their surprise wedding in Manhattan last November 2015. On the other hand, Ashley Olsen is reportedly dating Hayden Slater.

Both Ashley and Mary Kate Olsen are building their careers in the fashion industry.

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