Is Kate Middleton Pregnant? This Piece Of Evidence Proves It?

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Kate Middleton And Prince William

Kate Middleton?s pregnancy rumors are making noise once again. As per the latest updates, Kate and her husband Prince William are not willing to attend the Rio de Janeiro Olympics this year. Apparently, the reason is because Kate is expecting her third child.

The Duchess of Cambridge is aware of Zika Virus and its effects on pregnant women. So she canceled her plans of visiting South America, which was highly affected by Zika virus. ?

Pregnant women are not advised to visit Zika prone area. The disease can cause pregnant ?microcephaly, eye defects, hearing loss and impaired growth in newborn babies.

Kate and William may change their decision at the last minute since they are fond of sports activities, a royal source told, according Celebrity Laundry. However, take this information with a pinch of salt. Kate and William had shown great enthusiasm in cheering up UK?s athletes in 2012 London Olympics.

The latest reports on Kate Middleton’s pregnancy are not trustworthy. Because the royal palace has not released any official statement about Kate?s third pregnancy.

The royal family fans are saying that Kate is not planning to have her third baby now. Because her two kids are very small. Kate gave birth to Prince George on July 22, 2013, while she gave birth to Princess Charlotte on May 2.

Kate and William will go to Canada very soon. It sounds like Kate wants to kill the pregnancy rumors by taking up a tour. ?The Duke and Duchess are delighted to be returning to Canada. They hold very happy memories from their visit in 2011 ? their first overseas tour as a married couple. They are really looking forward to seeing other parts of this beautiful country and having the opportunity to meet many more Canadians along the way,? a spokesman for Kensington Palace said. A few months ago, a rumor had claimed that Kate is five months pregnant. Soon after that, she traveled to India and Bhutan. She was highly active throughout the visit.

Royal family followers say that Kate wants to have three kids. But she will take time. Kate and William have some great plans for the third kid. ?They?ve always sworn they didn?t want their children being raised by nannies, And although they know that having twins will make it harder for them to handle the night feedings and diaper changes, they?ve vowed to do their best,? a source said.

Kate is already 34 years old. Is she taking a risk by postponing the pregnancy?

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