Is Kate Middleton Pregnant Or Planning For A Divorce?

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Kate Middleton pregnancy rumors are making the rounds once again. The Duchess of Cambridge has not attended St. Patrick?s Day celebration. The question is, why did she miss the function? After stepping into royal family as Prince William?s wife, Kate has performed her royal duties without giving reasons to escape. She was also Queen Elizabeth?s favorite princess. Her absence in the function was a shock for the citizens of England. There will be a strong reason for Kate breaking the 115-year-old tradition. Is she pregnant and taking rest?

“I feel disappointed – if the Royals start breaking with good traditions then I’m not sure what they’re there for,” a source said, according to Daily Mail. ?Usually, Princesses take pride in presenting the St. Patrick?s Day shamrocks and it?s a great honor to soldiers. Kate?s attitude is widely criticized by her fans.

Spotting another possible reason behind Kate?s absence, Celebrity Laundry has reported that Kate and William are not in good terms. The Duchess of Cambridge was seen in St. Patrick?s Day in 2013 even though she was five months pregnant with Prince George. ?Last year she was present at the same occasion having eight months old Princess Charlotte in her womb. This year, Prince William presented shamrocks. Is Prince William tired of handling his wife?

Mirror says Kate Middleton wanted to spend time with her kids. So, she skipped St. Patrick?s Day. ?Until Kate goes on tour to India and Bhutan in four weeks, she?ll be spending all her time with the kids. Don?t expect to see many public duties from her,? a source said. Kate recently enjoyed a ski holiday in the French Alps with her husband Prince William and kids Prince George, Princess Charlotte. In this short period, she may not opt for another break. Don’t you feel so?

In the coming days, we may hear more about this.

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