Is Home A Waste of Time?

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The Home Open Beta has now been out for about two months now and PS3 owners have had plenty of time to check it out and see what it is all about. We constantly hear people complaining about the service and saying that Home is a waste of time and money. Well is this true?

Home is still in BETA, meaning that it is not a finished product. Just like any other BETA, it lacks most of the content and contains many problems due to testing. Without betas, finished products would release with more issues and would lead to consumers having to wait for the game developers to release a patch. Even a patch/s sometimes does not fix it and the true online experience is missing for months (*cough* LittleBigPlanet *cough*). Sony has been running the Home BETA for a little over two years now and it has been improving very slowly but ever since the Home BETA launched, there has been many great things added. It is still not to the point that it should be, but seeing amazing spaces like the EA space shows what the service has coming in the future. Sony is playing it smart because they know that this service is crucial to the PS3 and they have spent a lot of time and money on it. If they were to release the final version of the service and claim it as the “final version”, people would be greatly disappointed. Many people say they are losing interest in Home because it is constantly getting delayed and pushed back, but wouldn’t you rather them do this than to the release the full service and it be like it is now?

Home has great potential for everyone; it just is not there yet because it is still in BETA and Sony is busy working on other things. Also, if you call Home a waste of money, you are obviously clueless to how much money Sony is making with the service. For example, Sony made more money in the first three days of the beta than the whole first week of the video store. So in conclusion, Home cannot be fully judged yet as it is not a finished product and is looking to have a great future. Please comment with your thoughts.

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