Is Google Glass Making a Definite Comeback?

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Google Glass Enterprise Edition

Characteristically refusing to not push the frontiers of technology forward, and deeming the project “too important” to be shelved despite negative public opinion, Google pushes forward to recreate Google Glass 2 and dispel speculations that the project is dead.

Google Glass users utilize a pair of spectacles with a small camera to interact with their surroundings while being able to use app features and data. using location services, GPS, coordinates, restaurants. Calculating data to reach the next street and meeting a friend becomes timely. By taking the Google interface to the street, Google brought convenience to the commuter, traveller and technocrat. With Google Glass, users can go around town while accessing social media features. Mobility is a key feature. After its launch in 2012, it became available to a select group.

Despite the positive technological impact, privacy concerns became apparent when observers thought that they were being recorded and listened to, effectively affecting sales. The device had disturbed the general public, (fear of facial recognition software and surveillance) calling wearers ?Glassholes.? Google has fought actively to dispel these myths and make the public accept Glass, even releasing a guide akin to cell phone etiquette and acceptance of the rise of the camera from the time it was banned.? They built the Explorers program from a pool of developers for feedback and embody ethical standards of using Glass.

Glass was silently pulled off store shelves due to low public demand, and soon speculations arose that the project had been stopped. However, there are actually new information coming out that might just mean the return of Google?s prodigal hardware.

The blog Droid Life has uncovered FCC documents detailing what could be the next version of Glass. The information is not clear, but the product, labeled GG1, is said to support 802.11a/b/g/n/ac WiFi in 2.4GHz and 5GHz, alongside Bluetooth LE connectivity and rechargeable, non-removable batteries.

As for other changes, the Google Glass Explorers who wore the $1500 gadget for Beta testing are expecting a dramatic change in the Google Glass look. Aside from being ?sexier? the group also hopes that the next generation of Glass will now be more affordable. Some of the features that they are hoping to return as well includes video call via Google Hangout.

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