Are Game Mods On PS4 Doomed By Valve’s Attack On Consoles?

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The stimulating release of Grand Theft Auto V, in a mod version, prompted players to connect on a video piloting simulation from their point of view. However, the absence of ?video piloting support on PS3 and the Xbox360 made it impossible for players to easily connect on a user friendly ground, instead, a significant amount of knowledge, effort and experience with the game is needed.

The revamped Xbox One and PS4 have momentously led the notion that it?s high time for Microsoft and Sony to actually adapt to the mod scenes. After all, adapting it will only enhance their ?Modding? system and fully capitalize on bringing their Steam Encroaching back on its track.

For the past years, Steam Workshop has been the center of attention for most gamers. But even before that, Modding groups have given a substantial contribution to the system. Not everyone will understand the true value of the mod community, but for them, it’s more than just a gaming experience, the battle, the victories and unnerving experience of the system in and out.

It is ?maybe Sony and Microsoft?s best option to capitalize on what the modding community can contribute in order for them to compete, however, it?s not easy to think that there are no cheat sheets on the gaming world. Game Genie and Action replay are just two of the many cheat devices in existence for years now.
One of the few things Mod community looks for, is the ability of the system to be installed in as easy a step as 123. The less complicated, the more it will be valued and considered in the market.

Transition can be very difficult if Sony and Microsoft does not start on a mod base project. To say the least, mod games have been around for a much longer period of time.

As of now, the possibility of adapting mod base games to consoles is rather superficial and impossible. If Sony and Microsoft continue to ignore the trend and reject embracing the change, this might not be the time for a major revamp.

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